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  1. Good suggestion :!: I would like this as well. It would certainly reduce 'mis-takes' and speed up your work.
  2. Hi I know, that I now come up with a feature already discussed in this forum. But I like to bring it up again. It would be really helpful, if it was possible to display parameter details (i.e. red, gobo1, etc.) in the wheel LCD, instead of the DMX values. It would not only be helpful for the programming, editing and playingback a show. Furthermore, it would be especially helpful for preprogramming a show on the Phantom Frog. I am sure, many users would appreciate such a feature. Greets stagefrog
  3. Hi Steve Some weeks ago I encountered the same problem. While changing some fadetimes my desk crashed. Additionaly I had a deskcrash in the patchwindow as well. While I was unpatching the unneeded channels (setting them to 999), the desk suddently freezed and it had to be reset. I don't think that it is an overheating problem. But I am wondering, if this is a bug or if I had done something wrong or to fast? Greets stagefrog
  4. Hi K-Nine Thanks for your answer. So I am looking forward to the next software update and the new release of the manual. Greets stagefrog
  5. Hi All Two questions: Is there a plan to bring out a new manual for the frog series, which contains v10 Software? The actual manual is only for v9 soft. Can I download the release notes for the different Sotwareversions (9 to 10) anywhere? I don't have them anymore. Greets stagefrog
  6. Hi K-Nine Thanks for your instruction. It solved my problem. So it was not a bug in the soft, please excuse me for thinking about, it was just a handling mistake. Greets stagefrog
  7. K-Nine thanks for the instructions, but thats not my problem. Maybe, you didn't understand me right. Please excuse me if my english is not so well. I try it again. The Problem is that: With all times set to 0 for cue 23 and cue 24 set to auto trigger with fade up and fade down times set to 5 seconds, I think the desk should do all changes from cue 22 to cue 23 within 0 seconds and because dwell time is set to 0 and cue 24 to auto trigger it should immediately start with fading up cue 24? Please correct me if I am wrong. But the problem is, that the desk is waiting for 3 seconds u
  8. Hi I thought it would be really cool, if it were possible to record the aux buttons into memories. What do you think about this? Greets stagefrog
  9. Hy I agree with NPhillips. I Spreadsheet function would be nice. This Spreadsheet function could be added to the Edit Blind mode. I think this shouldn't be a big problem because the ETC Express Console has this function and has chases and multipart scene memories as well. The Express shows effect cues but does not display any brightness parameters for effect cues. The same it does for multipart cues. All fade times do not have to showup in the spreadsheet, because you can edit them in the mem screen. Greets stagefrog
  10. Hy all. I am new to this forum. Some days ago I had to record a show for a theatre on the Illusion 500. I was really surprised by the capability of this lighting desk. But there was a problem, which I could not solve. It seems to be a similar problem as reported by LeeStoddart. I want CueX to fade down in 0sec and Cue Y to follow immediately. So, I set the fade and dewell times for Cue X to 0 and Cue Y to Auto trigger with fade times set tu 6sec. The changes in Cue X are done in 0secs, but the desk is waiting for 3 sec until it starts Cue Y. I have the default times set to 0 excep
  11. stagefrog


    But this don't solve the problem. If you unplug the desk from the dimmers, then you can't control the "non-parked" channels either. And what would you do, if the dimmers can't be set to "freeze DMX"? stagefrog
  12. stagefrog


    So, if I understand it right, it wouldn't be possible to realize such a park-function for the frog range of consoles?
  13. stagefrog


    I would like to return to the original request of jxgriffi. I was once in a similar situation. I had to program and run a show for a disco. But we hadn't only lights on the stage, there were some lights for the ambient light and the bar as well. I really missed a "Park Function" in order to park the ambient light and bar light to a certain level. For me it would be fine if it's possible to park some of the DMX-Channels at a specific level (not only 0% or Full)! Regards stagefrog
  14. Hi Martin That's the point! Most of the shows I have to do the lighting are Live Acts. So you hardly ever know what kind of music is going to be played, except, that you know which style of music it's going to be (Rock, Pop, Classic, Funck....) Therefor it's almost immpossible to preprogram. Of course, you can do some slow and some faster chases and moves, but you never get the right thing. And if you like to make changes they are immediately visible on stage. Elsewise, with a blind mode, it would be possible to start the show only with good programmed color and beamshape palettes and som
  15. ice, I suppose you missed my ironique undertone. I totaly agree with you, that it wouldn't be an easy solution what TomBrien suggested. To TomBrien: Your suggestion is innovative but I think, as ice does, mixing up htp and ltp wouldn't be a really good Idea. regards stagefrog
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