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  1. Have you tried updating with a different USB stick?? For some reason, some types don't seem to work very well. David
  2. Hi Keith, We have also experienced this (or a very similar) problem. Switching to 2 preset and back to wide would "resolve" the issue... It happened fairly frequently, and seemingly randomly. Generally the problem was noticed when the houselights would not respond to their fader being jiggled after the programming of a memory (or so I understand!). Running v. 2.15 and updated as the full OS.
  3. Hear Hear! From what I remember there is nothing on the screen to advise you of the elapsed "cue time", which would be particularly helpful on long autos of a minute etc.
  4. Hi, Is there a quick way of cycling through fixtures for when creating position (or indeed any) palettes? ie. select first fixture, tilt/pan etc, press SOMETHING to deselect first fixture and select second, tilt/pan etc. and so on until all similar fixtures have been positioned. This can be achieved on an Avolites pearl by selecting all the fixtures you want to work with, and then pressing the right/left cursor arrow as appropriate. At the moment, it is four button presses (fixtures, deselect, select, position), and could be potentially more if you are working with focus or something deep in the beamshape parameter group. Thanks, David
  5. Hi, Is it possible to show the command line directly from a USB Numpad, to enable its use without having to go to special page (?)2 on the desk? Thanks, David
  6. DSA

    Smart Tags?!

    What specifically are you outputting that you are trying to record? ie. subs/memories/other stuff in the program window from faders/wheels? Make sure that values are showing up in the program window (although they won't need to be tagged if using smart tags). I doubt anyone will be able to help without a little more information as to the exact nature of the issue. It may be a bug... David P.S. I assume that smart tags are definitely enabled! (Special Page 1)
  7. Peter, I was going to ask exactly the same thing. I don't think the manual is clear about you having to press the channel flash button in order to make changes. Why is it not possible to do it directly in the Patch view by updating the table (i.e. move cursor to channel which needs to be softpatched, press enter, and then input new DMX address)?? On another note, is it possible to perform a softpatch via the command prompt? Thanks, David
  8. Hi, Is there any update on this issue? It is really quite annoying, as my PC has already allocated F: and G: to a card reader, and so any flash drives get the label H:, which cannot be read by the Phantom. Yes, I could change the label on the reader over, but I don't really wan't to do that! Thanks, David
  9. Hey Sam, The link appears to be down...any chance of a copy!! Thanks, David
  10. DSA

    Frogs and the Future ?

    so its got 2 monitors then...?
  11. OK...I would still suggest updating to v9.6 before proceeding as this may resolve the issue. See if you can recreate the problem in the new version - then see what the guys here think...they are quite helpful (dare I say it) Unfortunately I dont have a frog to hand at the moment... Best Wishes, David
  12. I think this may be of use... http://support.zero88.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=791 David
  13. DSA

    Inserting memories

    I don't agree - if you have plotted, and written the cues in the script it is much easier to add a point cue in - it would take forever to renumber the book each time! Perhaps x.x.x would be useful but to be honest 9 is usually plenty of inserts between 2 subsequent cues! David
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