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    an old analogue eclipse

    Hi the only real way is from the software numbers on the Eproms. Depending on the age of the system some where numbered xxxx-60 for a 60 channel etc. or if a bit older just the xxxx, you would need to give me the software numbers to look up number of channels. Or if you are lucky and the memory modules have their original labels on the front they may say 60Ch 72Ch 120Ch. Dave
  2. dwest

    an old analogue eclipse

    Hi First a word of caution. While checking modules and ribbon connections ENSURE the keyswitch is OFF, as any disconnection or connection of any ribbon cable can cause massive failure of the electronics. If memory serves correctly The first thing to check is the "Master start up" link . On the memory panels (IE large panels nearest operator, excluding Grand Master) where the 40 way ribbon connects to the CPU board there is a link. I think the silk screen on the metal back box indicates it. The desk will only operate correctly if one and only one of these links are made. no link or 2 links are bad. When this is correct power up into program or run mode and check that there is only one preview light on at a time across all memory panels. The master link can go in any panel as long as they all have the same number of channels. If you have 60 channel memory panel and a 72 channel the link MUST go in the smaller. Hope this helps Dave
  3. dwest

    Lightmaster XL/XLS

    Hi This cetainly sounds like a memory battery problem, But if you have changed it...... I would suggest, leave the unit plugged in and on for at least 24Hrs. To ensure the battery has full charge. Then use super user to do a "clear all" followed by a "reset". This should give you a factory configured desk. Then put in one simple chase ie chase channels 1 to 12 in 12 steps. Then run this overnight. Check in the mornig that the chase is still running and is not corrupt. Then turn the desk off and on a few times, check the chase has not been corrupted. the desk should now be a "good" desk. As a general rule it is a good ideas to do a clear all reset betwen hires. As you know what state the desk goes out in then. Rather than finding the last users put in a strange patch and strobe channels etc. Hope this helps .... let us know

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