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  1. I am probably just doing something stupid as I have not had much sleep recently but I can't seem to get a chase to continue running between 2 memories. The chase (generics only) is programmed into the first memory then in the second memory the chase needs to continue but also several generic channels need output all the time to light a backdrop. How can I get my Bullfrog to do this without having to re-program the chase again adding the static lights into each cue to get them to output all the time? I have been getting round it by using the chase from a sub and manually adding it as the cue requires but surely it is possible to have both cyc lights and chase saved as a single cue/memory? Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks for the replies. It isn't really the auto move while dark I am trying to achieve as i just want to do it between 2 cues that are already sequenced next to each other (so the desk doesn't need to look forward in the programming) I was just after a similar feature to the LTP trigger level available in Submasters but while programming memories. No probs though I can continue doing it with point q's, just trying to be lazy!
  3. Is there a way I can fade (not snap) the brightness of a fixture to zero then when it has reached zero move positions just using 1 memory cue? I am currently doing it using a point cue or n-shot chase but wondered if it were possible without having to program these (i.e. a way of triggering LTP when the fixture brightness hits 0%)? Cheers
  4. Boy do I feel stoopid! :oops: That is so simple it hurts! Thanks guys :wink:
  5. Is there any quick keypress which will allow me to go back a step in the cue stack (for those scary, trigger happy moments!)?Cheers
  6. I don't agree - if you have plotted, and written the cues in the script it is much easier to add a point cue in - it would take forever to renumber the book each time! Perhaps x.x.x would be useful but to be honest 9 is usually plenty of inserts between 2 subsequent cues! David But why not have the flexibility of both methods allowing the insert to either shunt the cue stack along or create the desired point cue? Also it is not the number of inserts allowed that is necessarily the problem as I find nine to be more than plenty (so far) but if I need to add a cue between two states which are already point cues I can't without faffing around copying the existing point cues e.g. cues 23, 23.1, 23.2, 23.4, 23.5 and 23.6 already exist so to insert a cue between 23 and 23.1 I would have to copy each existing point cue up a point making the last one 23.7. This is not only a long winded way of working it also requires several more changes to the book. Also what do i do if (and I realise this is putting forward the worst case scenario) at the point between cues 23.9 and 24 i find the need to insert? So both the x.x.x method of inserting and the shunting/renumbering system would allow the operator maximum flexibility to deal with whatever situation presents itself. Each method is of value in different instances. :roll: Damn, that was long winded! Sorry guys! :wink:
  7. Yes the ability to renumber of the cue list would be very useful indeed. Maybe it could include an 'auto' setting which could be selected should you want all of the cues to be renumbered as sequential whole numbers. But I do also agree that the ability to have x.x.x (e.g. 1.3.2) cues would be good and add flexibility.
  8. I basically want to be able to insert a cue which is not a point cue thus keeping the desk and the book on the same numbers. I have used the workaround you have suggested (using the 'jump' function) before but in our venue I sometimes get (how to put it nicely??) 'particular' clients who want things a certain way as they may have little experience as board ops and little things cause great amounts of fear/ for them. If I could just insert the new cue as 5 and then the rest shunted along and re-numbered accordingly it would help greatly. Is this not possible? If not i will suggest it in the requests section. Cheers.
  9. Is it possible to insert a cue as a whole number? For example if i just finished programming a show and realised that cue 5 out of 120 was missing i would like to be able to drop in a cue at position 5 and shunt the rest of the cues along one so that the cue number on the desk matched that on the book (without having to alter all of the numbers in the book!) Is this possible?
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