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  1. But I have seen the more expensive models such as the Mac 2000 just click to a colour, like it has some mixer behind the lens to go direct to any colour, a bit like there is a LED behind it, changing to any colour directly. Is this inpossible with the Club Spot & Wash 250 Ollie
  2. Hi, Im 15 and have had around 3 years of lighting experiance. Our school recently installed a new lighting, sound, and audio system in our hall ( £30,000 ) as we was using a system for 1994! But i have had alot of experiance, so it wasnt a leap into new technology, and i am eager to create some new light shows! Our system consists of Two Robe Club Spot 250's , And Two robe Club Wash 250's. We Are Using The Zero 88 Fat Frog Controller, And are using three Zero 88 Betapack 3 Dimmer Racks. But enough of all that, all i want to know is, say i have a blue spot, but i suddenly wish it to change to red, how can i get it instant, insted of it having to scroll???!! It looks very cheesy like disco lights if say u have a colour, and your next colour is 6 colours away! so i wish to know how to get this to instant change, aswell as gobo's? This would be a great help! I used to program onto memories and transfere with no time to submasters, however i recently discoverd you can program directly onto submasters by changing the mode to Submasters insted of Memmories! Very Usefull! Just like to say, I love the Fat Frog lighting contoller, it makes my shows and gigs so much more easier! Thankyou, Oliver Wilkinson Wilkinson Events & Entertainment wilkinson_event_managment@yahoo.co.uk FAX: 01253 821597 Please feel free to PM or email me.
  3. Im 15, And using my fat frog, and 12 mac 250's along with par 64's at various events. I also tour with a band, and create some fantastic light shows! The fat frog is up to any job, Just depends on how much u want, lighting wise, as its only limited to 12 movers, which im sure u all know! lol Oliver Wilkinson Wilkinson Events 01253 821570
  4. Im sorry, But I have been using this board since I was 12, Im now 16. This board is as easy as it gets, From programming chases, To assigning fixtures, Its very easy. Sorry but go out there and try using the " Grand MA Full " Lighting console. Im not trying to be rude, But as this person stated " it couldnt be used by school boys " I think that is very wrong. I have created some fantastic light shows using this console, and recomend it to anyone looking for a simple to use lighting board, that can create a fantastic light show! Oliver Wilkinson CEO Wilkinson Events Email: wilkinson_event_managment@yahoo.co.uk
  5. Hi, I wish to program par 64's so they seqence, flash, etc etc Im using a Fat frog, 2 Robe spot 250's , 2 robe wash 250's, and 16 par 64's Olie
  6. Hi, We have a Zero 88 " Fat Frog " Lighting Board, and we are currently having problems with the fact that our lighting board will not boot up. This happens randomly, and one day it will boot up fine and the next it wont. Does anyone have any ideas. When we boot it up, we hear the floppy drive motor activate. Do we need the floppy disk???
  7. Thanks Very much for your help. I didnt think that chases could be programed just as easily as Scene's! Great Help! But also, When the light moves, is there presets Like Square Movement, In Line Movment, So you Just Click Square and the light will move to make a square? Thanks, Oliver Wilkinson CEO Wilkinson & Conway Event Managment
  8. Hello, I have recently orderd around £21,885 Worth of lighting sound & media equipment for my school. For the lighting I have orderd the Zero 88 Fat Frog Lighting consol. I know my way around using this lighting consol, But I would like to know, In simple language how to use the chase feature. The reason I ask is, because we are having a fashion show, And I would like the moving lights ( Martin MAC 250 ) to move automaticaly, Over the crowd, But I would like only certain movers to be activly moving. Oliver Wilkinson
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