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  1. I've just come across a Zero88 Level18 Plus. As it's not on the website I presume it is not produced anymore, but is there any manual or data sheet in existence for it? I have a couple of queries about it. Thanks, sp
  2. sp

    Bass drive on Phantom

    Hi, I've recently been using the phantom frog and outputs screen to experiment with the new chase options in the new software upgrade... My question is, can the phantom pick up any bass signal from the pc (such as from a line in etc.)? sp
  3. Just got my floppy ready with the new update to take in tomorrow. Having a read of the update details, it looks fantastic, especially the various additions to the keyboard interface. I'm very pleased about the 'Go' button addition - a wireless keyboard now becomes so much more useful! Can't wait to try out the new features - thanks guys :wink: sp
  4. sp

    Bullfrog don't fit!

    In our lighting control room at school we've got a PC used for planning and designing shows etc. but when using the bullfrog on the phantom frog, it doesn't fit on screen. I've seen a couple of other posts on this matter, so what are we to do? sp
  5. Went to download the manual for this desk on the Zero88 site, and found this So does a manual exist? sp
  6. sp


    Completely agree. Used v10 for the first time on a big show on Wednesday, and this became apparent immediately. Maybe something like hold F3/F4 and the fixture button to fully untag it... sp
  7. sp

    Bull Frog clock gains time

    That's a very large amount of time to change by every week, surely this is some kind of hardware problem? sp
  8. sp


    Incidentally, I have a PS/2 splitter lead (few pence off ebay), the kind you can use with laptops. Then, a simple PS/2 to USB adapter (again, very cheap) gaffered to the back of the desk allows me to plug in a USB light, and still retain my old PS/2 keyboard simultaneously. Works a treat. sp
  9. sp

    Fashion Show

    Hi, Have a fashion show tomorrow, and along with a host of generics lighting the catwalk and stage, I also have the following: 2 x Coemar ProWash 575 LX downlighting a section of cyclorama visible through the entrance onto the catwalk. 2 x Coemar ProWash 575 LX on the downstage corners of the stage floor. 4 x Coemar ProSpot 575 LX FOH over the catwalk and audience, in a staggered line arrangement: []_______ _______[] []_______ _______[] Haven't used these fixtures before (they've kindly been loaned to us free as it's a charity event...), so any suggestions to make them look good? Particular CMY colours that work well in the washes, particular movements, chases ?? etc. This is on a Bullfrog by the way. As I say the event is tomorrow, not long away obviously but this was the earliest we could get the movers. So basically, any suggestions greatly appreciated sp
  10. sp

    Fixture control wheels my fatfrog

    If it's only 6 months old I wouldn't touch the desk myself. Returning is the best thing to do. sp
  11. sp

    Mambo Frog

    I know...I know... Maybe you should keep that avatar Frog Genius, it suits you sp
  12. sp

    Photos, Pictures, Avatars

    This is completely off-topic, but if you wanted to use that baby frog picture you would need to save it to your machine and resize it so that Then in your Edit Profile window, you should be able to upload it from your machine. sp
  13. sp

    Mambo Frog

    The mambo Frog description can be seen here. The desk does have faders - submaster faders. There aren't any preset faders, as there are no desk channels as such, just fixtures. I.e. if you wanted to use some parcans, you would assign them as fixtures. The desk is aimed at clubs etc. There are also 48 SX buttons, which are basically faderless submasters. You can't really put the mambo frog into a 'list' as such, because it's aimed at a different market to the main Frog range. sp
  14. sp


    I think ideally the tracking function would be a separately enabled option to Full/Partial Mode Selection. Would there be a a disadvantage to doing this? The tracking option would simply be disabled if Full mode is selected in the other option. I am sure there are many people, perhaps including myself at times, who still prefer programming the entire state as opposed to just the changes (especially in smaller shows with very little preparation time) :?: Don't get me wrong though, when enabled tracking could, and will, be a great feature of the desk. sp
  15. Is it true that the support forums are going to be combined into one big forum, to support all Zero88 products? I wondered if this was happening very soon as I was unable to access this forum yesterday. sp
  16. sp

    New Support Forum?

    About the board colour, it seems that even if I change the setting to 'subTrail' in Preferences, it remains unchanged. Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug? These forums are now inactive I believe, are you referring to automatically redirecting the user to this new forum? If so, I agree, a little code to redirect to the new forum after say 5 seconds would be a good idea in my opinion. I type 'www.frogsupport.com' much more instinctively than this new address . sp
  17. Phantom Frog seems 10.0 seems to still have that irritating problem of the windows not refreshing properly if they are placed slightly over one another (as mentioned on previous occasions). This results in a bit of the desk getting stuck on the monitor window etc. Is there no way of rectifying this :? ? sp
  18. sp

    New Support Forum?

    Oh, is there any possibility of getting the old avatars from Frogsupport and putting them on here? Or is that really the kind of thing best done by each user? The forum just looks odd without them Suppose I could get round to making a new one... Edit: my old one has just appeared. It wasn't there just now, was it? sp
  19. sp

    New Support Forum?

    Finding it hard to adjust to the lack of green but the new forums look excellent. Looks like the fantastic Zero88 support can only get better from now on! Nice 1 Zero88. sp
  20. sp

    Phantom Frog 2?

    Will there be a Phantom Frog 2? sp
  21. sp

    Fat Frog Speed Control

    If you really want an Auto Drive chase and not a beat chase, ensure that the speed control is centred when you program. In this way, you will only need to get to the centre of the speed control (or perhaps just a bit over) to pick up the chase during the show. For something like this though I agree with Paul and minimac - try a beat chase, you can be much more precise. sp P.S. If you can get a feed of that song into the audio input on the desk, set the chase drive to 'bass' and let it chase in time to the music. Sometimes not that precise and neat, but it's an idea
  22. sp

    Keyboarding in the channels

    To quote Paul, who seems to have the perfect reply here , sp
  23. sp

    Keyboarding in the channels

    That's a bit vague, but I think a simple answer is, no . If you mean typing in a certain channel number and then its value, then that's definitely a no - the Frog's intentionally don't have a command-line interface. sp
  24. sp

    Group lock

    I tried your instructions out yesterday ice, and the same thing happened to me as Paul - when I pressed Group after locking a pallet, nothing changed on the monitor. I would expect this behaviour, as if you've locked the pallet on the monitor then that's what you want to see? :wink: sp
  25. sp

    Frog vs. Strand 300

    Hi Adam, welcome to the forums. Couple of topics I remembered from the past and dug-out for you, asking a similar kind of question, especially the latter: This one and this one Hope these help, sp

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