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  1. Hi there, I've just come home from a day of stress. The thing that has got me pulling my hair out is one of my four betapacks 2 (DMX version) is completely dead. Right, now all 4 are powered from the same fuse board. The other 3 switch on ok when I switch the master switch on, but the first dosen't do anything (no lights, no nothing). I had it on the other day, with 4 lights plugged in. No extra lights have been plugged in, and all that appears to have happened is for no apparent reason, its died. Its only 3 years old too, and is used perhaps once a month or so. The individual RCD for this pack is fine. But still, no lights come on at all, no power or DMX signal. I know there is the fuse for each channel, and wander if the master fuse has blown for some reason. Problem is, its mounted on a wall and I don't know where to start to rectify the problem. How can I check the master fuse, and where can I find it!? Will I need to take it off the wall? Only just found out on the net that it has a tamper plate covering the front - is it under there? Or perhaps someone has got any other ideas why it might not be working? Like I said, there is no reason why its gone, and the other 3 are working fine. Just read over that all, and I know it sounds muddled and waffled - i'm still panicing to get it ready in time for the show! Any help would be great. Thanks, Matt
  2. Can someone quickly explain what 'Shot' and 'Dwell' mean in the memory sections and how and what they are used for? Thanks.
  3. At my school, we are instructed to make sure anything in the sound box is RCD protected (I guess for insurance cover). More than half the time, our desk is just switched on and off using the buttons on the RCD. Personally, I feel happier unplugging it, but so long as its protected, then the school don't mind
  4. Hi SP, Now, this might work, but I have a funny feeling that it won't, (I haven't used Fat Frog and editor for a little while). You could use the editor to create a fixture that has 6 channel, one for each channel on the pack. Then, assign the channels to one wheel. Alas, hopefully, all 6 channels on one wheel. If that dosen't work, I think it is not possible to do. Unless, you are a genius on the fixture editor and can make it do weird and wacky things, like, make a cup of tea! (maybe not) Dr Chinchilla
  5. I agree, a foot pedal would be really good! I know hardly anything about sound but it would some how need a pulse to be made by a microswitch or something from the pedal to trigger the audio line in the frog. I dunno, it could be something for the Zero 88 team to look into :wink:
  6. About the lock code, if it is unlocked at the moment and you don't have the code to change it, what you can do is go to SUPER USER > CLEAR/RESET > CLEAR TO DEFAULT (Make sure you save any important shows first though :wink: ) This will then reset the code back to 0000. You can then change it to whatever you want, now you have the current code. However if the desk is currently locked, then as minimac said, get in touch with Zero 88. The lock function prevents anyone changing crucial settings such as patches and they cannot edit/add to memories and submasters etc. You can still output a look on the generic channels if the desk is locked.
  7. Hi there, I know that you can lock the desk so that others and/or yourself cannot adjust crucial settings, address settings etc, but is there a way you can lock the desk so that nothing can work, ie the fixtures and generics? I have an event coming up shortly and have been told that I must not let anyone use the Macs and the others lights etc. So instead of hiding the desk (which in fact is to big to fit anyway descreetly!) or hiding the power lead, I just wondered if there was a way of adjusting the lock settings so that it looks the WHOLE desk? Can anyone shed any light on this (sorry about the pun)?
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