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  1. Hi peepz, I've connected my keyboard on the fat frog. (before i start the frog up) !When i make a submaster, for example submaster 1-3 i put on 'F2"on the frog,but i can't give it a name. What do i wrong??? Greetz
  2. Thanx, my frog is updated and the software is working well!
  3. Hi Peepz, I am te proud owner of a Fat Frog, but i can't update the software! I put the disk into the frog and he only found some fixture updates :s. His software is 5X and i want to update to 9x. Can somebody help me? -The diskstation is ok -The floppy disk is ok, I tried many -The downloaded software is ok Greetz, Ronnie Santegoeds
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