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  1. I have several faders, including the master fader (for Memories) that are acting up and I am not sure whether to replace the fader or if it is something else. Basically, when I take the master to full, sometimes, it seems to glitch out and take the intensity back to zero for a moment then back to full. It actually flickers between the two as if it were shorting out. In other faders, one or two of the submasters and one or two of the regulars, the fader will be at zero, but if it is moved to say only 10 percent the intensity will actually flicker up to full. I have actually brushed against one of them and the intensity has shot to full. If this is a software problem I am at a loss, but it seems to be more of a hardware problem in which case I need to find out where to get parts and if there is a particular method for replacement. My other tech and I have both changed out faders on our old Strand board when they have gone out, but any help is useful. Or maybe they just need a good cleaning. Thanks -d
  2. I am looking for any tips on saving time programming intelligent lights into memories for say a theater production. As of now, it seems that whenever I program a memory with moving lights or scrollers, I have to also program the previous memory with the exact same attributes, but with the intensity at 0%, so as not to see the light move into position at the beginning of the memory. I have found a few shortcuts, such as using the submasters to record the original scene, going into the previous memory and bumping the sub to move the lights into position and recording their attributes that way, but when programming a few hundred memories it still seems a bit redundant, not to mention time consuming. Is there an easier way, or perhaps a setting on the console that might help? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am currently using a Bullfrog Console, with 4 High End Studio Spot 575s, 4 High End Studio Color 575s, and 12 scrollers.
  3. thanks to minimac and Paul for the quick response and assist. exactly the info i was looking for.
  4. I've read over the specs, desription, manual, and announcement, but i just wanted to get something clear. I work on a Bull Frog, but no Frog Box. But in a previous reply it was said that a smpte/midi/can upgrade kit could be used to connect the Frog Screen to a Leap Frog. I've learned not to assume, so, does that apply to the Bull Frog as well? And if so could you possibly link me to info on the upgrade kit. Basically, I am looking for a remote, so as to access the Desk from our catwalks, and as much as the Frog Box sounds like it would be great for our theater productions, the remote is more of a priority due to limited staffing during some performances. Thanks in advance.
  5. Sorry, I'm a sound guy learning lights. "Roll it out" as in decrease the brightness of a fixture via the wheel. On our old desk you could select a fixture by keying it in on the keypad, which automatically let you use the wheel to control the brightness, (the wheel took precedence until you deselected it). Thank you to Paul for the info, I'll try the other discussions and the offline tools as well.
  6. I'm coming from a Strand LBX to a Bullfrog and can't seem to figure out how, if possible to "capture" a fixture and possibly roll it out with a wheel control. specifically, with a submaster up, pick one fixture and roll it out quickly, but not abruptly. during a show. also, is it possible to change the channel to dimmer patch menu (super user menu(manual patch)) so that it lists by dimmer instead of by channel?
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