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  1. I would love to add my weight (only arround 12 stone) to this feature. A timed fade position pallete and cym mixing would be fantaaaaaaaaaaastic. Any news on the development of this feature?
  2. gwion


    What I'd like to be able to do is this... When I select my predefined palette, (be it Colour, beamshape, or position), when I change from one memory to another (on a submaster) the selected palette information is lost and the information for the memory is refered to. Is there a way of stopping this from happening? (On Avolites desks, the pallette information is held until CLEAR is hit). I hope someone can help. cheers 8O
  3. gwion

    Numeric Entry

    I also would appreciate this feature. It is a pain at the moment... :twisted:
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