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  1. We have released Version 10.12 of the Frog Range Software. The new operating software, offline editor (Phantom Frog) and release notes can be downloaded from the Zero 88 Support Centre: CLICK HERE dose not work??
  2. Thanks Peter for replying. I moved missing colors to beam shape wheel. it is what it is. Maybe John will add/ make a fix???? Glenn
  3. I made a profile for this fixture, but desk only shows 6 of the 8 wheel groups??? Please help Glenn ADJ-SWEEPER.ift
  4. Can you still use elo screens? If so does it matter on which ones?
  5. Hey I looked on the cooper site, for some of these items. I can not find a cost for us. I was set up as a dealer though A.C.T. How do I get a cost and can I get dealer pricing again. Glenno@eliminatoraudio.com
  6. Hey can you use the LF playback wing on any console?
  7. Thanks for the repley. I just need to clearafy. I have a leap frog and a leap frog 48. I would like to use the leap frog as a play back wing. One which console do I up 30 max submasters. Will i be useing the submasters or the dimmer faders on the leap frog desk. Glenn
  8. What is need to get all four universes up and running, parts and set up?
  9. Hey ndo I sey up my Leap Frog to be a play back wing Glenn
  10. Hey Jon, I have one more Irrdiant fixture that I need. SRL-6041 DMX channels: 5 Channel function: Channel 1: Red intensity Channel 2: Green intensity Channel 3 Blue intensity Channel 4: Dimmer Channel Channel 5: Strobe speed Is there a list on this forum for made up fixtures? I belive there was one at one time? Thanks Jon
  11. I was thinking the same thing. I see no other repl.
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