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  1. yes, I do know that, when the show runs correctly, the Pallette numbers are displayed as expected, it's after the desk is turned off and on again that the problem arises.
  2. Just read the Problems with Effects Generator thread in Bugs, sounds just like what is happening with me, I'll try 9.6 I guess.
  3. I've programmed a touring show using a Mambo Frog and 8x Mac 250+. The show isn't supposed to tour with any technical staff (although I am for now!), the idea being that every memory references one of a small number of Position Pallettes, and so the only thing to change for each new venue is the position Pallettes. The problem is this. I modify and save the Position Pallettes according to the venue, save the show to disk, the show runs perfect. Next venue, none of the memories now reference Position Pallettes, all show real position data and/or have movement effects, so have to repea
  4. :? Why doesn't the background refresh after minimising the front panel and later maximising it. It's really irritating as it makes it very hard to use Phantom Frog at all.
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