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  1. Thinking about getting a jester, can't find what the screen ouput looks like, any chance of posting a piccie of the screen? Ta!
  2. Cheers K9, I understand that you can't patch a channel and a fixture to the same DMX address. However, the issue about editing is still odd, as I have tried selecting a memory on the screen, and pressing edit, and it definately steps onto the next memory and enters edit on that one..I'll try again. Thanks for your help!
  3. Still wrestling with setting up scrollers on my generic rig, and a couple of questions occur to me. When a lamp and scroller is assigned, the brightness and scroll / colour are on the same wheel. How do you put brightness on one wheel and the colour on another? Is this possible? Also, the lamps 'behind' the scrollers are already in the generic patch, and frankly I want to left them there, but I also want like to have them available to the wheel as above, but when you attempt to patch them, they are not available as they are already 'patched'. Any ideas? Finally, one thing whilst programming a show with the scrollers. When trying to edit a memory, you put the yellow bar on the memory you want to edit and press go to make this 'current', you then press edit, and it steps onto the 'next' memory - which I don't want to edit! What am I doing wrong? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Ian_p

    fade in/out

    Can someone draw a diagram of this, as it's clear as mud to me!
  5. Ian_p

    N-shot Chase

    OK, I thought I had, but I can't be sure at this moment. I'll check and report back. Thanks for advice
  6. Ian_p

    N-shot Chase

    Its programming a new one and editing. When a new one is being programmed, it lets you enter a number, but when you step onto the next field the n-shot field flips back to '0'. This si the same when you edit.
  7. I have upgraded my Fat Frog to 9.8, but the n-shot chase still flips back to '0' in programming. I didn't notice this until this weekend, as we tend to do plays, and chases don't happen very often. It's not critial, as the chases are continous anyway, but this isn't right. Any suggestions? Ian
  8. Thanks Paul, I was starting to think I'd posted in a dead link! Thanks for replies re linebacker, I wondered if the power requirements would be more than a battery could supply. The unit is very useful, but would be more so if it could be more portable, the PSU is very bulky with an unusual plug in the unit, all things which make it awkward to move around the stage when focussing (Without trialling a power lead with a wall wart in it!). A shame the power plug isn't something more generic. I realise products are always going to have a price / functionality trade-off, and its easy to pass comment on a product when I haven't designed one myself! Having said that.... for linebacker 2 - a wish list. Larger display - these are cheaper now than when this product was first launched so shouldn't affect cost too much. Dedicated 'menu' button Slider for setting fade levels would be nice (and fading in /out stored memories) Battery power option Smaller case Wireless would be v.cool as a option. ;-) Features are good at present, I can't think of any great issues here, perhaps more memory? OK, I'll get me coat...
  9. I'll take the resounding silence as a no then!
  10. Would it be possible to consider adding a rechargeable battery pack to the inside of the line backer tool, as this would make this very useful as a on stage tool for focussing etc, as the only connection required would be DMX... (Wireless DMX is probably asking too much!)
  11. Less of a 'How do I' and more of a 'Should I'? When editing submasters, I just bring up the SM in question, add in the channel I want to add on the generic 1-48 faders, and press 'Program'. This seems to work OK, and is very fast to program, but is not documented as the way to edit in the manual. Can anyone see a problem with editing this way? Cheers Ian
  12. Ian_p


    OK, That worked! Thanks all. In summary Pin1 No connection Pin2 0V (strapped to XLR shell as lamp had 1 wire connection) Pin3 12V Brilliant! and only £8.95!
  13. Ian_p


    Great, thanks, I've re-soldered the wiring in the plug, I'll try it out tomorrow. Cheers
  14. Ian_p


    OK, I got a DJ type lamp, but what is the actual pin-out of the lamp? It's not in the manual. Cheers
  15. But why restrict this to pallets? If you could offline edit a show this would be excellent. Actually, I think this would be a brillant upgrade to the frog series in general. I would love to create or edit a file for a frog in excel and then save it. The speed a show could be built up would be great! Is this saved show format a private Zero88 format, or it is possible this could be released to the public?
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