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  1. I had a look at the flash buttons - with it being on 'flash'. If I'm right in thinking, this should allow me to flash channels... but still no joy. Still no joy - I just updated to 9.2. Thanks.
  2. I don't think I did - I just assumed that the colour palette would work for all fixtures of the same type. (whoops!) I'll give it a whirl! While I'm on... is there any reason flash buttons wouldn't work (again, in partial mode, running live)? All the obvious stuff seems to be fine (grandmaster etc). Thanks for your help GLX!
  3. Dear All, I’m about to do my first show using partial mode – with a combination of 4 colour changers, 2 scans (all Soundlab, with edited fixture files) and a load of generics (pars etc.) I’m used to operating/programming in Full mode, but have experienced some difficulties in using partial mode…. When I select all 4 colour changers, and use the colour palette I set up, the colour will change correctly on the first unit, but with a different colour on the other 3 (i.e. the same on the other 3). Likewise with the scans, if I select them both, I’ll only have control of one of them when using the pallettes, or wheel groups. I’m not talking about programming them in to memories, just running them live. For reference, all the fixtures have flashing yellow lights by default (is that the way it should be?), and red lights when selected. However, if I use the wheels on the colour changers, the colours will change to the same on each! Does anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance, Ian.
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