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  1. This issue was fixed in version 4.4 (available here). The showfile indicates that you are using version 4.0. Simon.
  2. OK, It seems you have an older version of the desk operating system installed... Download THIS UTILITY and follow the instructions in the readme file for creating a backup file... If you could e-mail me the backup.dat file it creates (saspland@zero88.com), I should be able to extract your showfile from it... Once you have a backup.dat file (and have verified it) you can use the clear option, this should make the desk boot again. Although I would recommend upgrading the desk to the latest OS available on the zero88 website. See THIS TOPIC.
  3. Ok, the first thing to do a backup your show... You will need to hold down F1 on the keyboard while the desk boots. This will bring up a Startup utility window. In this window there is a Backup option, use that to save the show to memory stick, or burn it to a CD. Please check that the show file is on the CD or memory stick before carrying on.. Next, in that same window, select the "Clear Show" option. The desk should now reboot. Please let me know if this does or doesn't sort this out... Thanks...
  4. I could give you the solution, but where would be the fun in that? :twisted:
  5. As Phantom Frog is a Windows application, you will need to use a PC emulator such as VirtualPC.
  6. The normal position is a range of values. When the desk software is running, if the LEDs either side of the pot are both off, the pot is in the normal position.
  7. Its not so much the refresh rate of the monitor, Its more a matter of how long it takes to re-draw all the text on the monitor screen whenever the memory number has changed...
  8. There is no need (or even way ) to run the desk update on Phantom frog, the current software is the same as the latest desk software. The 0.0.0 version number thing is an Issue we need to look into.... :?
  9. Could you tell me what bios version the desk reports when it first starts up?
  10. The disk it is asking for is the operating system upgrade disk. You can download it from here. Extract the zip file to a freshly formatted floppy disk, and insert it into the desks floppy drive and switch the desk on.
  11. Simon

    Keyboard GO

    Scroll lock would be good, as it does little else anywhere (on anything)...
  12. Um... Are Zero 88 staff allowed to vote
  13. Simon

    VGA Output

    I'm afraid not... Laptops don't normally have a video in connection... and when they do they normally only work for SVHS and composite signals...
  14. Simon


    Printer support on the Illusion is not particularly advanced, it just sends basic text output. You might be better off saving the reports to disk instead of printing them, and then loading them on a PC to print.
  15. The frog range only allow one Pan/Tilt pair per fixture, In the same way as they only allow one brightness (HTP) channel per fixture. Another way around this would be to create 3 separate fixture types, one for the first Pan/Tilt pair and all the other parameters, and the other 2 for the remaining two pan/tilt pairs... This will make DMX patching a bit more complicated, but should allow you to apply movement effects to all 3 pan/tilt pairs.
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