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  1. Dear Sir, Will you please help and guide, how I programme the scanner on submaster so I can use them with PAR cans on separate dimmers. Pl. inform step by step. Dinesh
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    Dear SIr, Need help, if an one can ? My problem is, when ever I store PAR cans from generic dimmers to submasters, this is ok and all submasters are working properly. But as soon as I store the intelligent light i.e. SGM galileo IV on memory and transfer the same on submaster, it works but at the same time when I put submaster on for PAR cans, the SGM galileo IV gets stuck to one point. Example : PAR Cans are one submaster fader no. 1 and SGM galileo IV on fader no. 24. when I put fader1 up, its fine and when I put fader 24 SGM works. BUt when I put 24 ist and then PAR fader no. 1 then SGM gets stuck. ( I am not using chase but using flash buttons for the show). My question how do I programme the scanners on memory so I can use scanners as well as PAR cans together. I want to use PAR cnas as intelligent lights together on submasters. Pl. advise. Regards, DInesh Poddar
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