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  1. Just checked and found out it was the cable converting 5-3 pins i have now sorted the issue out and the fixture works a treat thank you
  2. I will double check this but i do not believe so .... i have to use a 5 to 3 adaptor pin 2 is hot .... cheers for your help btw
  3. hi i have tried this however the imove lantan does not respond ... all it does is goto prism and scroll the colours and gobos
  4. where about would you hold your training in swansea ??? if so then please coud we come im saying this on behalf of my college who will most probable ask you if it's possible but i think we got about 5-6 who might come which might brake down to about 4 so :s
  5. me and my friend have been working hard on the fat frog trying new things and we just a bit lost how to use the audio in ..... what from the sound board do we need to take the lead to ... monitor outs speacker outs ?!??!?! the sends ?? ....
  6. Hi my name is Robert Bove I am looking for work exp i live in wales in merthyr tydfil ( UK ) if anyone needs a person to help with light i could help i have some knowledge of sound and set design and really i want to help peopl ... i am also looking at places in Birmingham because i have familie which i could stay with basicly if u need a light guy please ask me because i want exp just stick a roof under my head I am mostly famila with the frog and fat frog but i have worked and the strand serius board . i am still in training but i am on my final term of my first year and i have help Earthfall set up and Welsh Actors in my local venue i can get referances from only my tutors being as i didn't go on work placement with ether. if you wish to contact me please ether email me at owling2005@hotmail.com or admin@thedarkmusic.com if you want to talk to me or ask me questions please ring my mobile on 07971937579
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