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  1. hi there, i have just received a shinny new beta pack. we have put a 13amp plug on, using a 15amp cable. it is all connected up right!! i then went to test on some parcans, i put one on channel 6, pressed the test button and it worked, i then tested a socket with nothing in it?!?! it hasnt worked since. we have tested all conections and fuse in beta and plug are fine? when you unscrew the fuses on the front, the red light appears, so there is no fault with power from the plug? is there any thing you recomend trying, thank you
  2. was just wondering what the sigma 5 switchpack was? is it just 4 power switches? Cheers
  3. what Kirkup_xp means is if you create the point cue and dont programme it strate away and move either up or down it is deleted because it thinks you do not want it, but if you do as above and then record it will stay recorded. 8O
  4. boom boom boom...........boom no, sorry i cant, it went to a blue screen and froze. it had some letters and numbers on the monitor screen in white writing. hasn't happened since.
  5. yes i do, all up to date!!
  6. hi there, i have a fatfrog and am using 2 robe 250 wash's and 2 robe 250 spots with 2 minimacs. are the fixture files up to date as i have been getting some very strage results. at the moment every thing is working fine, but earlyer i had colour on the position button and brightness on the colour button?!?! and then soon after that the screen went blue with some numbers on it and froze. i have now reset to defult, but what happened so i know for next time. Thank you very much. minimac
  7. ok i shall try that tonight. i havent got my desk with me and cant recall how to get the desk into partial mode? thanks!!
  8. hi there, i was using our fat frog for a show the other day, it was a 'dance' show. we had limited time so we thought we'd busk the moving lights on fx generator. however, we were flashing our subs of par's away, and then went to put the fx generator on and everytime we hit a sub it resets every thing. i know that this is because the moving lights weren't programmed in to the sub, so it resets the fx gen, etc etc. but is there any way of doing this. also, if i had a half a page of generics and the rest movers, i cant flash the generics without all the movers resetting? any help will be greatly appreciated. Minimac
  9. minimac


    whats with the 4 minimacs with every fat frog? is it buy a frog get some macs free or something?
  10. Could do for your stand at plasa? :twisted:
  11. hi there i am purchasing a hewlett packard pda which has windows as the operating system. can i put Phantom Frog onto it and would i be able to control the desk with it by any way. As i saw, i think it was etc(maybe) new desk has a palm top that you can adjust levels and things while you are focussing etc!?? Cheers :roll: Minimac
  12. this is on the frog screen product page
  13. hello again, couple more Q's.How do i put chases strait onto sub, without putting them on memory and then transferring with/without time? And can i copy from the sub master pages, onto the memory? or can it only be done memory - sub? Thanks again!!!
  14. hi there, a couple of questions. when putting martin minimacs on submasters, can i fade up and fade down with the movement of the submaster. as with generics you can programme fade up and fade down times, the minimacs use the shutter to fade up and down, would the same effect be possible? or do i have to put fade up (shutter open)on one fader and then fade down (shutter close) on another? when using submasters, you put sub 1 up on page 1.Flick to page 2 and try and put something up on sub 1. it doesnt do it? then when you bring the sub down, still on page 2. nothing happens? have i a bug or has any one else got this? :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8) :twisted: 8)
  15. hi there, could somone explain to me? i am using minimacs on trussing, and am trying to get the movement effects over the crowd only, not rotating round to the dj side? are the effects better when from above? on bars above the dance floor. could i have an explanation of each function? thank you :oops: :oops: the manual doesnt help much. also can the offset be used in normal chases?
  16. minimac


    is there any chance that a bpm could be built into the chase menu? say, you type 122 in, it would then, obviously step 122 times in one minute. this would be very useful as when on bass, it doesnt allways step oneach beat, can be triggered by anything. you get my point :oops: :roll:
  17. hi there, just wondered if there was any way of getting 48 pallettes. on the screen it shows 24, but is set up to have another column. is this set up for an update? or am i doing something wrong.
  18. minimac


    when i install an update do i install the most recent, 9.6? or do i have to go a little further back version 9? i just thought i saw it some where on here? :? thank you
  19. take the fuse out of the plug of the frog?
  20. in regards to the locking of the desk, if you give your serial number to the kind people at z88 they can find a number that will unlock it!
  21. how about, as with the Mambo Frog, say all the letters on the keyboard could be a ‘SX’ playback? so you could have 27 sx's. which im sure would be usfull for the fatfrog?
  22. ok, cheers, could you enlighten us? :wink:
  23. 1.hi there, can the fatfrog control lasers? i saw http://www.pssl.com/bitemdetail.tpl?eqint_...032216293981#PI which has 7 dmx channels and was wondering if the fatfrog could control this. 2. can the fatfrog control anything with dmx, are there any limitations? 3. Random question, but do you know how many fatfrog desks there are in the world?
  24. Hi there, i keep hearing everyone talking about using the submasters to do say, rock concert or a music show. but how does everyone acctually do this. is there a certain system that you use for remebering whats on each sub? (apart from masking tape) and how do you program it? do you have a certain "show" for certain genres? Cheers
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