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  1. Hi, i want to put my movers brightness onto channels, just for ease. is there any way of writting the fixture data so that you can have brightness on say, channel 24. I remember someone mentioning it a while ago. and i guess i will have to write a new fixture file for each fixture!! Cheers, Mike
  2. hi there, only just noticed this so it might just be on OS 10.4.(fatfrog) when in the outputs screen the GO button on the keyboard does not work, but on the desk the GO button is fine. Thanks
  3. yea you will need to put a phase converter in, as abstract swapped the pins round. presumably so you only use there controllers. i did have the same prob
  4. on your price list, 2005, your have dmx cables and connectors. a 0.5m cable is £35.00?? is this correct?? and a 50m cable is £95.00? 8O
  5. i wouldn't of thort so, as the idea of pallet lock is to lock the pallet window onto the screen. were you thinking of having, say the memory button, that when held down would flash back to the cue stack? could be nice, but its not a feature that i know about.
  6. i think the mambo was the last in the frog series!! This is before the frog 2 of course!
  7. how cute is this little dude
  8. really?? I always thought you had to transfer chases from a memory?? dont think you can program straite to sub? or is this the new software? i cant try it either :-(
  9. hi, there are a couple of options i can think of: you could you the manual Bass option, start off at the set speed, then during the song tap the step button twice(quickly). and then tap the speed back after the fast bit has finished? or you can use different memorys/sub's. one as the normal chase one as the fast chase and then 'back to the level you want' or if its generics, do it the old fashioned way with the flash buttons!! Edit: its a slow Keyboard!!
  10. what does the rotation do? does it rotate the fixture more? not sure as i have never had to use this! i use the fx very often but the only thing i find with them is that when your running a saved fx and then go into another fx, it always jerks back to the start position. no matter how much LTP you put on?
  11. i think it says that it has connections to racklights, 12v cigarette lighters and mobile phone chargers??
  12. well, i supose you could call this a feature!! lol how did you market this? or was it just an added extra? ............. ..... cigarette lighter ................................. l ............. .................. /
  13. Well, if that doesn't sound dodgy!! 8O
  14. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? my dutch seems to have gone a little rusty
  15. when you re-assign a fixture it loses all patch settings, can get annoying. 8O
  16. hi there, i am looking at a led gooseneck for my fat frog. how is the light output wired? might need to swap the polarity? http://www.10outof10.co.uk under lighting equipment sales and then led lighting
  17. http://www.addictinggames.com/frogger.html its quite difficult actually
  18. hi there, is the shutter in brightness or is it set in beamshape? If it is in beamshape you can do 1 of 2 things. you can use another sub to shut the shutter you can create a fixture file that has the shutter on brightness. if you set a slow ltp of 5sec on beamshape and have the rest set to snap, this may make the fixture set before the shutter opens, but if you put the shutter onto brightness you will be able to trigger the position, colour and beamshape without any light coming out of the fixture. i do not know the fixture you are talking about but i would asume that the above info is correct for it. if you would like a fixture file made im sure if you posted the dmx protocal somone would make you one. i would but am going to be away from my computer for the next couple of days. long winded post, sorry :?
  19. hi there, i used one of your ID dimmers 12 channels, for a gig last night, very nice. do you still make these and what sort of price do they go at. thanks, any other info would be great. :mrgreen:
  20. you could program the 'cycle' onto the mac 250's. they have a section that you can set chases etc....? just a thort. :roll:
  21. go into super user and then desk setup. then assign fixtures when you are in the assign fixtures menu, find martin on the list(may need the floppy disk) and then find mac 250+. there should then be 4 more mac 250 +, each with modes 1 - 4 after them. choose your desired mode. so you will have to load a new fixture in, and then go down to patch functions and redo your dmx addresses.
  22. minimac

    9.8 problems

    if you try pressing alt ctrl shift, in no specific order, i remember being near these keys??!!? i tried unplugging keyboard last time and no change. and the scroll lock thing i have as well. :?
  23. minimac

    9.8 problems

    i had the same prob as well, couldn't enter numbers, but didn't know how i had done it. rebooting resolved the prob tho.
  24. right, got a show on friday. started programming for it today and put the first chase in. using 4 minimacs in mode 4. 2 steps. quite slow beetween steps. using a fat frog. i have programmed it to memory, has 0 fade time 0 ltp time and 0 dwell time the problem is that when i cue from the last memory,it moves to position 1 but then takes 11 secs to start to move to position 2. once it has started it is fine it is just the long pause before. i put a few more chases in and its the same with every chase!?!? Thanks
  25. yes we have. thank you, do you have a link to the returns form, cant find it on your site? cheers
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