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  1. The Speedy Moving Yoke.
  2. Hi Yves Thanks for your reply. I recieved a translated version this afternoon with a contact for the house tech so I should be sorted. Cheers
  3. Hi all, have any of you guys based in the Netherlands done a gig in "De Stoelemat" in Bergen op Zoom. I am doing a show there in August and was wondering if any one knows what the house lighting rig is like. I have been sent a spec of sorts, half in Eglish and half in Dutch. It seems to be mostly generics. Any info welcome.
  4. Hi Paul, I will send it back to our dealer Aquarius and get their tech to checkit out. Thanks. Jazzy.
  5. Hi, I was rigging and programming for a show yesterday in a Church we do some work for and when I pluged in our DMX line on Output A and their's into Output B I found I had no control of their Dimmers or fixtures. I then noticed that the LED on Output B was not on. Now I know that they are in parallel and my dimmers and movers were working and everything adressed right so I swapped lines and now I had control of everything. I swapped them back and only control of my stuff. I swapped back and did what i needed to do and all seems to be alright, although the Led on Output B is still out. Any
  6. Jazzy

    UDK / UDF function

    Hi K Nine, This is a very handy feature indeed for busking. If you put an effect, say a figure 8 doing a ballyhoo instead of a sceen / cue on the UDK will it still revert to the previous cue outputs or will the LTP output of the shape generator over ride it.
  7. Hi all, I down loaded the Frog 2 manuel and have read through it, so far I am very impressed. I have one question though about the way the UDK / UDF work. If for instance I had a rig with say 60 par cans and 20 movers and I have a sceen (cue) using all of these set for a certain song but there are a number of accents in the song that I want to highlight, say a drum fill, by having 6 of the movers swing on to the kit and strobe. I have my main cue running on a play back stack or sub, UDK or UDF and I have my accent on a UDK set to flash, so I press the UDK the 6movers go to the kit and strobe
  8. Hi all, Not sure if this is a bug or the desk developing a fault but my Fat Frog went out on hire last week and I got a call to say that the desk was freezing on startup. The guy who hired it owns a Fat Frog as well and needed a second one for another job. He said it worked fine when he got it, that he loaded his show from a disk and modified it to suit, everything was ok so he turned off the desk and went home. He came back the next morning to start rehersals and the desk would'nt bootup,it would either freeze at the very start and say "Searching for upgrade" or go as far as "Show lo
  9. Hi, Use a key board and type in the memory number you want and hit "enter" and you go straight to that memory, cant get much faster than that!
  10. Hi K-Nine, No I used the colour pallets alright as the colour changed to the right one. I done the same show tonight and no problems must have been a bit of a glitch. Rebooting the desk today must have cleared it. Cheers.
  11. Hi all, Not sure if this is a bug or my mistake but last night i was doing a show and when i used the colour pallets live, busking on some of the numbers they knocked out the gobo ( to open) that had been programmed into that particular memory. The other thing is this did not happen every time which seems even more odd. The desk is in partial mode and the fixtures were Mac 250s. Any ideas?
  12. Hi all, To me the difference between a shutter chase and a dimmer chase is purely the effect although this can differ with some fixtures. Dimmer chases are nice because you can vary the amount of xfade between lamps and mixing this with a shape can give some very nice effects and I have even found that with with some fixtures (MAC 250s) for one, with the right focus and conditions you can simulate an iris chase effect. However if you want a fast harsh accent for a metal track or dance, the shutter chase is the way to go. I've noticed that MACs, Robes and GLP Ypocs and probably any fixt
  13. Hi all, I've just picked up a couple of the first model Betapacks that need a bit of attention. I was wondering if spare parts for them are still available, mainly the rack mounting wings and fuse holders also the module with the induction coil ( one of them has been silicon glued together). Cheers.
  14. Hi all, I was looking at a niffty little LCD TV the other day with a 7" x 4" screen, it had a couple of different inputs one being an S Video. I was wondering if I got a VGA to S Video adaptor if it would work with a Leap or Fat Frog display output? Has anyone tried this?
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