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  1. Hi, I know a lot of operators, me included, who are used to worked with percentage also on the LTP values. If you are once used to it, its hard to change to DMX values. On other desks you can switch the readout, so everybody can do it like he is used to. I would like to be able to do it. Greetings Patrick
  2. Hello, I would suggest that you can chose in Super User between a DMX and Percental readout. Some Operators like to work with percental Information on movement and Shutter. One reason for this is the Lamp on and reset for most Lamps. I try to remember the different values for different fictures in percent, but to remeber both values.... Greetings Patrick
  3. Hi, another question to the Palettes in Fat Frog: I would like to program seperate Palettes in a way like the Scancommander works. I would like to program one palette for Gobo and one for Rotation. As I know you can only combine them, so you would need to program one for Gobo 1 / slow rotation another one for Gobo 1 / med rotation and so on. Or can I separate them? On Hog and Grand MA you can seperate functions from the selection. Thanks for Help Patrick
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