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    Chilli Pro's

    When I turn on my dimmers (desk on or off) they sometimes "crash" they still respond to the desk but certain channels will become hot and I am not able to turn them off from the desk. The only way that I can get them to turn off is to turn the dimmers off and back on, they can sometimes take three attempts to get all the channels cold at startup. Many thanks in anticipation Chris Beardmore
  2. I run a small theatre and usually only get a couple of hours to plot a show, 1 dress run and up we go! Because of the small amount of time available for programming, I end up modifying the chase speeds as I go through the show, it would be fantastic to be able to save the new modifiers to the cue, for example pressing F3 & Program would save the new modifiers. Many thanks. Chris
  3. My desk (bull frog) also crashes at start up, and my screws havn't fallen out! (or at least my screen is still there!)
  4. I agree that it would be a good idea to navigate around the screen using the arrow keys. For parameter adjustment you could use the + - keys (to the right of the number key pad). Also would it be possible to enter a memory number on the keyboard and press enter and the selection bar jump to that memory because it can take a long time to scroll to a memory especially if it is a busy show! Chris
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