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  1. Hey, I have an old frog that Im having issues with. It keeps the patch, and everything, but it will lose all submaster info to some odd, old show every time it powers back on. Im assuming there's a battery or something to replace, but the fact that it keeps its patch info is throwing me for a loop. any ideas? thanks. billy
  2. Billyserious

    Tagging/untagging Robo 918's

    Nope, that was all me, I had switched the program mode to full to test some things, then forgot. Thank you for your quick response.
  3. Billyserious

    Tagging/untagging Robo 918's

    I just installed 918's from 1220's, they recognize and work fine, but I cannot 'tag' or 'untag' the 918's at all. It would seem that problem would be all on the console side.... but I cant figure it out.
  4. Billyserious

    Partial Memory Recording

    Is there any way to save a SPECIFIC beamshape function, without having every single one of the other functions tagged with it? I am currently working with Robo 918's. e.g. I want to save JUST the prism data, so if I have a gobo or beamshape I like, I can just hit the saved "prism" button and it will stack with the previous scene.

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