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  1. Hello, I'm using a Mambo Frog on tour with bands in the South Belgium near to Arlon town. FWF (friends with frogs) too Regards Pedro
  2. Some weeks ago, I had the same problem with my Mambo. It arrived only once in four years of use, and after having installed last updated (10.8). At start-up all led light up and the lcd screen was full of black square. Best regards. Pedro
  3. Hello guys, I also have regularly the problem with my Mambo since the update towards 10.8 software. before this last update, I never had problem to start it. I work with this Mambo since 4 years. Best regards Pedro
  4. hello, I work with Mambo Frog soft version 10.8. When SX buttons are set in solo mode, the solo mode run too with the palettes bouttons mode. (color beam and position) Sorry for my english ! Best regards Pedro
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