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  1. just checked it with the phantom frog. you're right. will check again with the real thing later. but should be the same off course.
  2. using the new 10.9 software: noticed something wich i don't think is desireable. When using the wheelgroup button in combination with the grandmaster to untag all channels, i noticed that this in fact tags the htp channels of all the patched fixtures.
  3. The tagging of generic channels gives me a freedom i previously didn't have. For one thing, it allows me to keep the lights on stage lit so other technicians can do their job while i program my show and not record their working lights. Also tracking really helps programming en escpecially making adjustments far easier. i'm definitely sticking with 10.8. eagerly awaiting further updates.
  4. In the movie: Fantastic four, rise of the silver surfer there is a fatfrog. In the first 10 minutes of the movie, mr fantastic is talking to johny about throwing a bachelor party. In the background on the desk is a fatfrog. Moderators edit: image attached.
  5. i'm using a fatfrog in our local youth centre in aalsmeer (near amsterdam) i also work in the concert building in amsterdam on a regular basis. (classical music) they use a fatfrog for the smaller venue, and a bullfrog for the large venue. Also the felix-meritius theatre in amstedam use a fatfrog for some of their shows.
  6. Don't really know how much i'm asking with this one. since it it a feature known to a more expensive console. :? One of the greatest strenghts (if not the greatest) on a avolites pearl is the ability to recall pallettes over a live given ltp fade time. This is still the main reason why i choose a avolites console over a hog console when operating live bands or house/dance parties. ( i use hog a lot too, when i need a clear view of what i'm doing ie. presentations, congresses) At this moment i''m simulating this effect on the fatfrog by programming a submaster with pallete information
  7. As far as i know there is no lighting desk today that can actually patch a dmx-channel to several faders at the same time and also do vice-versa. If anyone knows of one, let me know. As i understand it, its very difficult, (if not impossible) to program this into the software. Out of pure curiousity, i'd like to know a bit more about what the exact problem there really is. Is there anyone who can tell me a bit more on this problem?
  8. I think it would be wise to make this an option from the superuser menu. I for one, use the submaster flash buttons to flash over the level set by the submaster. So maybe an option like: flash button triggers ltp ? yes/no flash button triggers htp? yes/no would be very usefull
  9. i have an old xl console, i'd like to repair. The dmx output on all the channels seems to be fluctuating in value. wich means a scan mirror or a par can will start vibrating because its getting different values all the time. The fluctuation is about 5 % of the set value. Any quick ideas where i should try looking? (electronically speaking).
  10. had the same problem here. i also noticed that whenever i tried to load an existing show, the disk got corrupted. I sent it back to the dealer for repairs, wich is probably the only solution
  11. one reason i can think of the forums went quiet is that there are alsmost no bugs in version 10.4 to report. also just about everything that can reasonably be expected to ever be implemented in the desk software has already been asked for. So the way i see it people are just being patient. I myself still check the forums often to see what's going on, but there is just nothing to report. As a footnote When i talk to other board operators about the frog series, one of the big pro's i always mention is the almost limitless supply of updates that just keep coming. wich means you get more a
  12. i used a relay. connecting the led indicators to the relay control part. and using the relais pins to actually make the connection. this way making the connection is completely safe.
  13. ok. now i'm convinced it itsn't just me. I have had the same exact problem, both with a fatfrog and a bullfrog console, the problem never occured before the software upgrades. For some reason i can't as yet explain this is what happens. Fatfrog, using 10.4 software. I am able to load shows just fine, But, sometimes, when i try to save the show, the desk hangs at: saving show....0%. Resetting is the only way to fix it. At first it looked like a faulty disk problem, since another disk worked just fine. Also, reformatting the faulty disk from the fatfrog console also solved the problem. But
  14. you could also do this with memories. Making a memory with postition A and a memory with position B. On the playback x fader is a fade override control with wich you can slow down or speed up fading time during the fade itself. Don't know if this also works on the ltp fade time though.
  15. i noticed that when you use the preview button to preview a memory, and you want to preview the next memory, you have to first exit preview, select the next memory, then hit preview again. It would be nice if you could use the +and- keys from the preview screen to go to previewing the next memory, without having to exit preview mode first.
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