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  1. Can someone point me to the download for the USB Install Creator application please!? We are trying to upgrade our solution from to 7.9.2. Thanks, Steve
  2. Many thanks for your help, much appreciated! Steve
  3. Hi Folks, I'm in need of two fixtures for my Solution, could someone supply them for me pretty please!? ProLights DISPLAYCOBFC http://www.musiclights.it/product/DISPLAYCOBFC?lang=EN#n & ProLights FLATPAR6H http://www.musiclights.it/product/FLATPAR6H Many thanks, Steve T
  4. Thanks! I have very little time to programme so its easier to do the different chases separately so its not so taxing on the brain! Cheers, Steve
  5. Hello all, Is it possible to run several Chases from one Submaster? Can you either transfer multiple chases from the memories to a single submaster, or is it possible to do it another way, such as transferring each chase to a separate submaster then raising the chases on the submasters and programming another submaster from the chases running from the now transferred submasters? I'm trying to choreograph lights to music with out it getting to complicated as I have very little time to spend programming! last time I did this I put each chase for each group of lights on different submasters meaning it had to move many submasters at the same time! If anyone's got any ideas or just a simple 'No' that would be great! Cheers! Steve
  6. Ok will do! I will try it again tomorrow and let you know. Cheers.
  7. Ok, it is confusing when you actually read it! Sorry! Well put it this way, simply setting up the desk to run a single Minimac in any of the modes displays the random figures for each of the wheels properties, resulting in the wheels and Minimac not functioning correctly and eventually crashing the desk.... What I explained before just involved me testing the different modes to see if the desk would display the random figures each time, and not functioning correctly. Steve
  8. Hello All, Today I have attempted to get a MiniMac Profile to work in the Fat Frog. We have had the desk for about 4-5 months but have not needed to use the MiniMac with it until now. I decided to make sure I could get it to work before next week when we are going to use it for a couple of small shows. I set up a single Minimac using mode 1 on one channel and mode 3 on another to see if there was any operating difference between the two as it doesn’t work on the other modes. I patched them in and both modes worked successfully, changing the dmx address on the minimac to correspond to each fixture channel. I then decided to remove the fixture from channel 2 on mode 3. After doing this I went to use the fixture left on channel 1 but the LCD display displayed random numbers and letters eg '%9h4ns8-' for each of the properties on the wheel such as Tilt and Gobo etc. Not only this but the colour scroll also changed itself to the tilt function! I have tried to use the Minimac once before but gave up on it as it started displaying the same random figures, but at that time I put it down to not having updated the desk with the updated software disk (8.1). During both of these attempts it has also crashed many times!! Hope that’s understandable! Please reply ASAP! Cheers, Steve T
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