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  1. Doh! I knew I was missing something obvious. Because someone else showed me the basics of the desk I had assumed that tagging and selecting where the same thing, now I know what to look for I have just found the difference in the manual (yes i had read it, just not that page)! Cheers John
  2. Hi. I am hoping someone can help as I am getting fairly confused.... I am using a fat Frog driving 4 Mac250's and 4 Mac300's. The desk is in partial mode, and the Macs are all defined as fixtures and run happily. The problem I am having is with trying to program the submasters with information about only some of the fixtures (for example a predefined position). Some of the time the desk does what I expect and only records the tagged fixtures and the selected attributes (eg position only), however sometimes it records the information for all the fixtures whether they were selected or not. As far as i can tell I have been doing the same thing each time, so I can't get my head around why it works sometime and why it doesn't. Any help on this would be appreciated. Cheers john
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