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  1. shows a dead link for me :-(
  2. coombesy85

    Chilli Dimmers

    We currently are running 6 Betapack 2's in our theatre, but that still is not enough channels for what i want to do! I need to upgrade and everyone keeps mentioning chillis. What are they / how do they work / differences etc? Also, what are the price variations. I am looking to run upto 125 generic lights and about 6 moving head features and a few more DMX bits (colour scrollers, smoke etc) Many Thanks
  3. is there a time period when updates get released? ie every 2 months, every 3 months etc. Or is it just when there are enough things to make an update worth while!?
  4. i thought maybe just for when programming. say you programme a whole show, and then realise that a blackout which you once had is now not needed, you could just delete the cue and carry on with the next one rather than skipping it? I'm not very good at explaining things! Sorry!!!!
  5. So you cn delete an unwanted cue, and all those after it will shift up one position.
  6. If I type in a memory name wrong, I cant delete back, I have to go through and name it again. Just one of those petty but annoying things! Also, maybe a bulk naming feature, so you just hit F2 and then can but in the name of memory 1, hit enter, then name memory 2, hit enter etc?
  7. I have used a new disc, and formatted it on the PC, then put the file onto it. When putting it in the desk, it either says there is no disc in the drive, or that there are no fixtures on the disc. I can load / save shows and use the original frog fixture list in the desk however - ???
  8. my desk wont even read the disc now - it says there is no disc in the drive sometimes, but at other times it says there are no fixtures on the dis - BUT THERE IS! :-(
  9. it works now. I got a different dimmer, and there seems to be no problems. thanks for your help before.
  10. I have 4 egg strobes plugged into our dimmers, and have used the Demux unit to set then channels to 'switch' mode as they cannot be dimmed. However, when the strobes are in the dimmers, they are constantly on and I cannot control them through the desk. Would there we a slight amount of constant power through the dimmer racks?
  11. if you could: sam.coombes@ringwood.hants.sch.uk
  12. It seems the DMX remote is no good, they are coming to repair! Thanks for your help though!
  13. well i am only using 4 moving heads, which are the minimac profs in M4.
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