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  1. I have a Fat Frog with what I assume is a PSU fault. Basically if power is applied to the PSU with the frog attached than the desk will not start, however all the LEDs will glow ever so slightly. If I apply power to the PSU and then connect it to the desk the desk will start and work fine? Am I correct to assume that this is a PSU issue, and therefore simply replacing it will help or is there likely to be more amiss? Thanks
  2. I've got an ancient, and very battered, Level 12 that has just developed a problem. I don't really want to spend anything on repairing it as it's about to be replaced, but I'm wondering if there is an obvious cause for this problem that may be a, easy to fix myself, or b, just caused by my stupidity over looking the obvious. Basicall the preset masters have no effect and both presets seem to be stuck at about 80%, the flash buttons cause the level of that preset to raise a bit so I know its less than 100%. Any ideas?
  3. K-Nine, I was thinking about my brief look at the desk at the show, and I was wondering if my memory of something was correct. I seem to remember being told that you would be able to use external touch screen monitors with the desk. Is this true or did I misunderstand?
  4. I thought the USB socket on the front panel was a nice touch, I always have to pick my Fat Frog up to put a disk in as there is a window ledge behind it :twisted: I missed this feature at the show, but customising views is a good thing!
  5. I'll add to that, the products are great, but the industry leading use of these forums to give a real connection between user base and developer is, errrr, industry leading? Anyway a big slap on the back for Zero88! Me too, I'll report back! I am able to go on Monday. I'll have to continue the praise above for the hope of free swag ......................: Zero88 are the greatest, best and most magnificent. K-nine is also better than Rush (see other forum!)
  6. Looks good, can't wait to see it in action! Are any of the board personalities going to be at Plasa to show it off? I'm coming on Monday.
  7. I've come across this before as well. I cannot give a definitive answer as I've not done any proper testing. Basically if I try a floppy written on any of the office pcs it does not work and terminates with the same message. These are all identical machines on a network running windows XP, however I have had no problems with floppies written on my home Linux machine. There are too many variables here to tie down, but maybe trying a completely different machine could work. I should add that the work machines are known by others to have unreliable floppy drives.
  8. Ok I admit it I've got time to kill, but how about
  9. Not exactly funny but I had to provide sound and lights to a fund raising ball in a tent that was just over 10m from side to side and nearly 120m from end to end with a stage in a seperate area half way down the long side. Stage was about 6mx3m for a 40 piece big band. Apparently the ball started off with only a handful of people attending, but as the numbers went up they kept adding sections to the tent..... Once set up it was OK, I feel sorry for the serving girls though, a six course meal beeing served to tables upto 250m from the kitchen, no trolleys.
  10. Can anyone help me identify the fuse holder use in the alpha pack. I need to replace one that was mislaid, and am not entirely sure what which it is.
  11. Yes, but how about adding adding a feature that while in the preview screen the +/- keys will step back and forward through the memories without changing the next cue in the stack. Once you are previewing the right memory you can then hit edit. This would also make looking at the contents of cues easier.
  12. Thanks K-nine, I thought I was going mad, as it worked correctly on some occasions! (i.e. when I edited fixtures as apposed to generics)
  13. I've just looked at this again, and it seems this problem only happens with generic channels, fixture data is stored if you reply Yes :? Also if you edit some generics and then a fixture, the preview screen updates at the point you move a wheel. Of course if you the choose to save changes they get lost :!:
  14. Spent a few minutes today checking out the new software. I've either found a bug or I'm being dense. After using blind edit to alter generic levels, a window pops up asking if I want to save changes, if I select yes changes are lost and if I select no they are kept. :? I'll check again tomorrow on the desk, but the new Phantom Frog seemed to do the same.
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