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  1. Is there already any sight on when this one may be solved? My LJ becomes very nervous when it is not possible to correct the position pallettes when the musicians arrive just before the show starts whithout the canche he again :evil: has to transfer all the memories to the submasters :?
  2. I discovered the same kind of problem about a year ago (see my post of september 2003) For me it seems not only to affect the palettes, but also some memory data and it differs what kind of fixtures and from which fixture position you remove them. Despite of all the good work, Z88 did not solve this problem yet
  3. Been off for some time .... Is there already a follow-up for this problem, or will there be one ?
  4. I 've had the same problem a few weeks ago twice. After that I had no problems again until last week. Again all submasters had the default fade up/down time and I had to reload all tje memories to the submasters. I was just to post this problem by myself, but it seems that some of you guys where ahead of me. I'm not sure, but I think the problem occurs when you reboot the desk after it has saved the memory to flash. 8O
  5. Jan Giezen


    You can use colour palettes to quick select a colour without the need of using the scrollwheel, but although you need to select the fixtures first. :wink:
  6. Mars, correct me if I'm wrong .... You programmed 9 scenes with OS 9.6 with, I think generics, using a fade up and down time. When running the scenes from stack it seemed that the scene uses the fade up and down time from scenenumber-1, or was it more from the previous selected scene ? With OS 9.6 you where not able to transfer those scenes to submasters at all ? With OS 9.2 everything works fine, just as you expected to do ? Jan :roll: :roll: :wink:
  7. Could it be that you're programming is just like your post on this forum? I can understand that the desk seems to act strange, maybe you can try to give a good explanation of the problems which you think that have may occured. (If English is not your strongest language to explain, try it in Dutch, there are some experienced users from the Netherlands on this forum) :roll: :roll: :wink:
  8. For as far I was able to test now the 9.6 OS handles shows that where created by the 9.2 OS without any problems. Can anybody confirm this or can I expect problems with the scenes/sequences which use position palletes :?:
  9. Can I quick scroll to a memory for editing it ? When I am at memory 1 and want to edit memory 85, do I than allways have to scroll to it with the '+' button ? (I am not using a monitor or keyboard) :? :cry:
  10. Would it be possible to add the tips & suggestions of this forum to the manual as some kind of Question & Answers part, or maybe better put it in some kind of help file with an search function. Cause searching every time through this forum trying to find just that one article takes lot of time .. :? :?
  11. I was not able to test it so far, but can you explain the difference between the referse and swap functionality ? :oops:
  12. Can't wait for that one :!: Jan
  13. :oops: :oops: Sorry Angelos, I was too quick with an answer, but a simulation program is what some of us were waiting for but I did not know that it was released (was not posted on this board :?: ) I will also take a look at it and hope it's useful for a lot of us .... :wink: :wink:
  14. No, it is not a simulator .... No, you can't edit shows with it .... Yes you can create your own fixture types, what means that you can assign the DMX-channels and functions for a fixture that is not already in the fixtures list :wink: Jan
  15. Hi Paul, I will check the battery this week amd send you two show-files, one just before deleting the fixtures when everything works OK and the second just after deleting two fixtures and lost colorsettings. Jan
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