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  1. is it possible to somehow convert a show that was programmed on an other desk (no zero88) and then exported to a ascii showfile into zero88 frog-readable showfile? my suggestion is to support ascii showfile (which must be a standard, at least that's what it looks to me), so i can easily achive cross-desk-compatability. cheers
  2. and is there a more detailed spec sheet, and maybe some pictures? i read that you'll be presenting it in frankfurt, but couldn't find anything about it on your own pages...
  3. hello everybody i just had a strange crash of one of our frogs: the frog was running without gooseneck lamp, then we clipped it on, pushed the three buttons memory - submasters - output and the frog completely blocked. we restarted it, then during booting up it stopped during "loading...", next try it stopped during "running...". removing the lamp changed nothing. i even couldn't put a new software on it (we already have 9.6.1, just wanted to put the same on it again). it was on a freshly formatted disk but after some sounds of the disk drive, it started as usual from memory. we opened the desk, pushed all the plugs of the ribbonwires firmly into the sockets, removed the memory battery, but the same one back in. and now everything works fine. but somehow this doesn't make me happy. i'd rather have found a clear problem and solved it. but like this i have no idea what the problem is. anyone had a similar accident once? greetz from switzerland felix
  4. nachtrag zu haytechs beitrag / kleine korrektur ltp steht für latest level takes precedence - der neueste wert wird gesendet. nichts für ungut
  5. it's translated correctl, but it doesn't work in english. in german, we use the same word for chick (girl) as for snail...
  6. i can understand what you're saying, but it's impossible as long as the desk doesn't "know" the relative positions of the movers... so i guess u first have to draw some sort of graphical setup, or just let the desk assume, that the lights are set up on the same truss (i.e. in line)... greetz felix
  7. i just thougth i bring the topic back to top, so the discussion will go on... it's interesting to witness the birth of a new desk (which might or might not yet exist)... as a theatre lighty: it needs a keypad, the mentioned user-definable faders need to be able to limit htp outputs, reduction as avo calls it, or topset as u used to call it on older desks. the user-definable buttons need to be able to execute makros. the makro-language should be able to change the content of the userdefinable faders, so if in the first part of a performance i need 10 different faders, than in the 2nd part, i will press one of those user-defined button to execute makro F5 or whatever and the 10 submasters will be cleared and the new content is set up. and what about a wheel for the brightness parameter? a wheel or a ribbon fader (like maxxyz), just something fast-responding and infinite, where moving up means increase, and down decrease. in connection with a keypad, it's a very powerful instrument. yeah, i know theatre light is an own world, but working there for some time with in my eyes the most powerful lighting desks (transtechnik), u don't want to miss those features.... then i guess, i don't have to mention, that ltp-programming down to the deepest level is an absolute must. naming the dmx-levels (like gobo1) in the library would help. when u think about those userdefinable faders, where we could control a single dmx-channel, e.g. the colour wheel, i think it would be a nice option to limit the dmx-values to some range. fader to 0% means dmx 52 and fader to 100% equals dmx 223, so the values from dmx 0-51 and 224-255 could not be given out by this fader. maybe there is a strobe function in this regions, which i don't want to trigger by mistake... and when u talk about touchscreens, that makes me think of the OS. if u think about a micro$oft solution, or anything else, that needs minutes to start, what about an USV? just 10mins of power, for the case of powerloss, or a curcuit breaker doin it's job... because 3 mins of darkness on stage, while the desk is starting up, is too much ;-) i realize i keep jumping around in different subjects, but i have a creative moment right now, so i wont stop now *g* i don't know if you plan to release in the new frog series just one type of desk or different sizes or different functions (where shakespeare frog would be the theatre type, and another fancy name for the live version). ever thought of a modular system? a central unit, maybe 19", a cube or whatever with all outputs like vga, dmx, ethernet, keyboard, mouse, whatever. and inputs for different "user intefaces". a playback wing, a theatre wing, a programmer part etc. i tihnk u get the idea... now, let me think if i should add something else to my monster post. oh yes. i know it's prolly a problem of processor capacity, but what about a powerful dmx in? it could have various functions: signal input to record scenes from a different desk, triggering the desk (like a powerful remote), or even signal merging... so, now i think it's enough, this should keep marketing and R+D busy for some time. i'm curious, what u guys think about that... greetz from switzerland felix
  8. had the same problem. it's all better since i updated the firmware of the scanners. in my case they were martin mx-10 and the newest update is 1.5
  9. What about the shift button, that's used to switch the channel flashs between 1-24 and 25-48. seems to be perfect for shifting the pallets between the same numbers... ;-) but maybe it's a bit naïve... *g* greetz, felix
  10. felixgeiger


    hello everybody what about another fancy function of good old sirius 250 (and i think even on sirius 24): it was called topset. it was a way to reduce htp-output individually for each channel with a preset fader. you would have a scene in the playback X or in a submaster. you like the output except the one single fresnel that shines onto the projection screen (which it shouldn't). now i want to leave the scene but reduce the level of this one fresnel. (avolites have this as reduction faders, and celco used to have them as a knob on top of each channel (cf gain knob at a sound desk) i know those desk do cost a lot more, it was just to prove that some other companies consider it to be a useful feature... i don't know if i made myself clear, if not ask me, but if you did, then give it a frog reference no. ... :wink:
  11. if only those merchandising would be given out as fast as the software updates... *g* felix
  12. hi. your second issue is being solved... in the new software (now in beta testing) will allow to pan/tilt reverse and pan/tilt swap. greetz felix
  13. i understand your wish for this function, but it was not what i had in mind: i want a pallet that can save combinations of pallets. so i have a gobo in a beamshape pallet, a color in a color palett and a position in a position pallet, but i want to execute all three with one button. this would be e.g. brightness and one of twentyfour channelflash buttons. you could also save beamshape/color/position values directly into this combined pallet without saving them in their respective pallets before... greetings from switzerland felix
  14. of course it's easy with a two digit element, but our fatfrog has only one element... (?) greetz felix
  15. don't have the desk at hand right now to test this: how are the 20 pages shown in the page number display field, when there is only one place for a number? it's just for 0-9 but from 10 it starts to be problematic...
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