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  1. Dods


    Our FatFrog has always done this, from new, in spite of software upgrades. Our symptoms are slightly different, in that sub-masters show "Empty" on the screen. We NEVER record directly to subs - always to memory, then transfer the cues to the subs to run the show. We've never lost anything from memory
  2. Thanks very much for that (I must try and forget years of Sirius driving and read the friendly manual)
  3. When a memory is transfered to a sub master, the memory counter auto-increments. This is a real pain when plotting a show as we do, where after we record a cue, we tranfer it to a sub-master, for easy back-tracking during the tech. run. As soon as the memory is tranfered, being the last one in an empty desk, the memory counter resets to 1 If the next empty memory is a high number, the pain is scrolling back up to the next free memory. I know you can enter memory numbers directly from an external keypad, but could it operate that if auto increment is off, it doesn't auto-increment on transfer as well? (or better still, have both settings independently settable)
  4. Dods

    Losing subs

    This is a problem that I and several others logged well over a year ago, that now seems to have dropped below the horizon, and I wondered if there been any progress. Record a show into memory, and transfer each memory to a sub-master. Next time the desk is powered up, random subs show EMPTY and have to be reloaded. Whether it does it when subs are recorded directly, I've no idea - we've never dared risk it! Our desk has done this from new (purchased Sept. 2003), and upgrading to ver. 9.6 made no difference.
  5. Dods

    Losing Subs

    I have seen the same problem on our FatFrog (new in September 2003) The subs are transfered no time with straight scenes (no chases, effects, or moving fixtures) from memory, but after a power down, random subs show "empty" on power up the next day. This has happened twice so far on successive days. We are only using Pages 1 & 2 and the problem appears on both The software is 8.1.1, BIOS 5.1.1
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