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  1. I would like to find a better way to edit submaster times. What I am doing now is using the arrow keys to move through the submaster menu. It seems clumsy and time consuming (many button pushes) to arrow down and then arrow back up to get out of the edit menu after the changes have been made. It's not a bad task for one submaster, but if you want to change the times on a whole page of subs it gets tedious. Is there a quicker way to change these times I don't know about?
  2. Responses to your questions -I am using proper DMX Cable with good solid connections. I was doing the tests as suggested above with a 10' cable from the console to the fixture. -Console Serial # is 0073301 xxxxxxxx it is about 2-3 years old Moderation: serial number removed.
  3. -Sofware version is 9.2 but like I said I have noticed it with previous versions as well when doing fades with memories. -I had the tilt inverted but fliped it back to normal with no change -I just did as Paul did and the numbers seem to roll smooth with that slow of a fade. -As Ice said, I used to deal with Pan tilt moves with M-Speed before the super cool new software release. With the ability to fade on submasters that seems like a better way to control speed, because it's more easily editable. Worse comes to worse I'll just keep using M-Speed but I'd love it if there was a
  4. -I checked out the dmx output. The fixtures are 16 bit. The coarse channels appear to be fading corectly (as best as I can tell from watching numbers on the screen). The fine channels seem to jump instead of moving smoothly. I tried capturing the fine channels at 0 (with an external dmx device) and then did the cross fade again. It made the problem worse as you might have expected. It almost seems like the fine channel is either not having enough calculations made to move the light smoothly or the calculations are incorrect, hence the light appears to move jerky. This would also expl
  5. I want to star by saying I love my fat frog. Now on to the question. I have noticed that the DMX output on my fat frog seems to be a bit jerky. I really have only noticed it with pan and tilt movements, usually slower moves. The fixtures will move in small increments of pan then tillt then pan etc.. till it reaches it's destination. I have the newest version of software but have noticed it with a few versions of software now. I have noticed this movement issue with all of our moving lighting including Cyber mode 2, Studio Spot 575, Studio Color 575, Intellabeam, Mac 600. Is there anythi
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