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  1. 16xMovitec SL-250 and a lot of pars (visit http://www.powerlinebelgium.be/fotos/oudjaarmol2003/ for more) 16xMovitec SL-250 and 4x WL-250 and some aircrafts and a really nice structure ... (visit http://www.powerlinebelgium.be/fotos/allerlei/ for more) the only thing I remember is a headache ... (visit http://www.powerlinebelgium.be/fotos/tnt/ for more)
  2. there is a way ... Its not an easy way if you are not good with PC's i have the same problem here, You can make a virtual diskdrive, it makes a station of a directory you choice. I use "Daemon", its a small program just 400kB but it works Its for free so if you search google ...
  3. mmm, wrong 1885. Germany, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler and the first constructors was Peugeot. mmm and thats France Where in this story you see an englishman K-Nine ? 8)
  4. hihi idd, its sounds stupid :twisted: The direction seems logic to me, but hé who am I .
  5. maybe, a trackball/joystick/mouse is a good idea, i will use it if its available
  6. no, i use a 500 mhz pc with 32 mb ram and i have ones tryed 23 Movitecs at the same time and there was no delay or something, but we only use on computer on party's, it gives you more different effects. on big show the pc is not fast, you can not click fast with the mouse.
  7. idd on our pc-controllers we use a joystick or arrows on the keyboard, a mouse or trackerball or arrows dont give a smooth motion if you want to use it on a followspot.
  8. whe had the same problem last year, after installing a update the problem was gone.
  9. can you start up a mailing list that notifies you when there are new updates ? most of the updates are already out for a few weeks before I realise that there are updates.
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