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  1. Mark A. Hogan

    Frog Box Remote Control

    More info on the ChiliNet thingy sounds the next step then. If the manual DOES appear, then yes please, nudge me ! If there is a propeller head in the LA area, then I am interested to meet up and discuss this contraption ... many thanks ! M
  2. Mark A. Hogan

    Frog Box Remote Control

    Greetings one and all I am POTENTIALLY looking at using a Frog Box in a theme park style project here in the US. I have done the initial dig for information, but now need to find details about remote controlling the device with a show control system. Does this info exist somewhere please ?? (did I just not see it !?!?) Midi/RS232/ethernet approaches all quite fine !! but a listing of how you do what with what string would be super. Many thanks... M

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