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  1. Just assign 2 fixtures to each fixture button......i.e.- 2 x MAC 300 - Fixture button 1 2 x MAC 500 - Fixture button 2 the only problem with this is, when you hit the button and tell the light what to do, the other linked light will do the exact same...
  2. Hi, back again! Basically i have got 4 812s to work with, and i was wondering whether anybody could give me some ideas to make heavy metal gigs look pukka? Thanks Billy
  3. I dont quite know whats wrong with my Fat Frog, but in some shows i have been doing lately, half way through the event, the desk will reverse itself sort of, like i was to move the thumb wheel left, 2 scans (SL) would go left and other would go right, so basically like a mirror! does it need a service? P.S - (its perfect for club nights etc, so if it aint a fault, can somebody tell me how to enable/disable it??)
  4. Correct lads correct, the bulbs and motors were gone...as in ducked! Any more funny storys before this forum turns into a dictionary? (oh and theres nothing wrong wid driving on the left hand side of the road)
  5. Last may. Colchester's prime venue held an outdoor party in one of the smaller parks in Colchester, 12KW sound system. 24 movers.....the movers were not tested before let out on hire and wouldn't move. Lamps were gone, and motors, so we resorted to generics already set up by a private lighting company on site. Anyway when i thought it cudn't get any worse, the left side of the FOH system blows up, well the bass speakers did, creating pretty much a riot on stage....Lovely evening overall.
  6. Heres an idea guys! A snow machine??
  7. ahh the good old rock show. As for hire....get some colour changers in...and try and get some roboscans (always look good) Design wise.. I always think the wobblers look great sitting in a row at the back of the stage, then you can make them pan back and forth and maybe light up the back drop (if they have one) Lots of pars on the back.....colours: Blue Red Green Yellow Pars on the front of the stage facing the band(s) also......program loads of blinders. (where all moving lights face the audience and white gelled pars at maximum output) these are great for those heavy gaps you get in rock songs. most importantly, don't get nervous...have loads of fun and make it look the absolute dogs!! (start as you mean to go on mate)
  8. Can you pair fixtures on the same fixture channel. for example... 2 MAC 500s into fixture channel 1 2 MAC 250s into fixture channel 2 Help ??? Billy
  9. Ok, im confused, I thought I had it..but i don't where does the smoke machine plug into the dmx cable?? and can i have a step by step guide how to patch it to the desk. basically i want a step by step guide of how to do it when i sit down at the desk. Thanks Billy
  10. HCan you help me please. I want to know step by step how to plug a DMX smoke machine into the Fat Frog and how to patch and control it... Thanks Billy p.s. - i need the information by tomorrow Thanks again
  11. Hey, Tomorrow i am using the Fat Frog to run 12 roboscans (as per normal) at a concert in the place where i work. I want to know how i can program a whole show through the submasters and then just click 'GO' when i want a different scene. Get back to me please Billy
  12. Simple question looking for a simple answer.... Can you plug a smoke machine into the fat frog and run it off the desk? Billy
  13. Anyone heard of The Blockheads? Well try leaving them in complete darkness whilst they are singing the popular classic ' hit me with your rhytham stick' Well thats exactly what happened to me when i was running their concert using the Fat Frog, and 12 Martin Roboscans. I tried to edit a chase speed in the middle of a submaster program step. Big mistake! I ended up losing control of all the scans and all the Pars at the back of the stage all because i had the desk on 'Edit'. Well we regained control after about a minute of figuring out why we lost control in the first place. Just thought i'd let you know about what happens when you don't think! Billy
  14. Chill. Do this in order!! 1) Select your fixtures 2) Hit 'Position' button 3) F.R.O.G button 4) Hit 'Colour' button 5) F.R.O.G button 6) Hit 'Beamshape' button 7) Once again....F.R.O.G button. Simple Let it run all night doing random things
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