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  1. Sorry to hear about your XLS! If your after a Zero 88 replacement desk (and price) then I'd say the closest desk you could get at the moment would be the Jester 24/48 (which I can highly recommend having recently specced one for our studio to replace our aged Sirius 48), which I believe has a list price of £999. Futher investigation with dealers or Zero 88 themselves might give you some more ideas to go with... HTH Stu
  2. Hi Paul, Thanks for your speedy reply - I look forward to seeing how the desk evolves in the future, should be good! One thing I did forget off my list yesterday is that when your running cues, and you get the GO for the next one before the previous one has finished fading, you press GO to the next cue and it snaps the previous fade to it's completion as oppossed to fading it out over the fade time of the new cue. Can look a bit weird! Hope that makes sense. Anyway, lovely desk - much better than some of it's similarly priced counterparts... Cheers, Stu
  3. I recently suggested a Jester 24/48 for our studio venue (in addition to the 2x ETC Expression 3s we have for the main houses) which we later bought, and having played with it over the last week here is some random opinions & suggestions. I understand some things may not be physically implementable at software level but I've suggested bits all the same - see what sticks! Cheers Stu Lighthouse, Poole's Centre For The Arts Good Points USB support – means possible software upgrades for a variety of things, also USB memory sticks are dirt cheap and in plentiful supply. Monitor output – also a good layout and plenty of information is available in one screen. Colour co-ordinated screens help operator see what mode they are in at a glance. Traditional cue stack – no pages of cues, or cues operated without a GO button. Plus insertable cues, and correct fade times J Recessed panel at rear for connections – good if you are using the desk in confined spaces. Good solid buttons – nice size, definite click, and not too crowded. Only slight criticism is the click is loud and not good for noise critical situations. AUX channels – allowing control of additional DMX controlled appliances without sacrificing existing channels. Full DMX512 patch – also allowing a number of dimmers to be patched to a channel. Also like the way the dimmers can be patched to a channel by pressing its flash button. Also... Clear & bright LCD panel Good price DMX in for backup purposes Suggestions When programming fade times, the FADE TIME WHEEL is too sensitive. Could it be possible to program fade times in the PROGRAM (red) window by using the left & right arrow keys to move to the FADE UP/DOWN column and then using the UP/DOWN keys to select the required fade time? When moving around the cue stack / memory screen in program mode, by pressing ENTER and then the cue number required, would it be possible to enter 2, 3, 4 etc for single digit cue numbers instead of 002, 003, 004. Ditto for 2 digit cues numbers (10 instead of 010). When naming a sub or cue, pressing another number for a different letter does not move on a space before selecting that letter – meaning the letter you have just done is ‘erased’. You have to wait for the cursor to move on or advance manually before continuing to type. USB keyboard support? (Be able to use number pad, space bar as a go – similar to the implantation on the existing Frog range). Ability to program AUX channels into cue stacks, submasters etc. Perhaps some sort of tagging system that means when you press SHIFT to select aux channels, the LEDs light up to show which channels are tagged and therefore will be included in the programming. Also, this could be extended to include ‘grab’ levels so when you go back into the AUX channels, and you’ve previously set aux 1 to 45% (for example), you would need to move aux 1 fader back to 45% before you have control – similar (or exactly the same?!) as grabbing channels already programmed in submasters or memories/cues. This could be taken a step further to be implemented at a AUX channel by channel basis on the Aux Setup screen in Super User. When in PROGRAM mode and moving from up and down the screen using the UP/DOWN cursor keys, would it be possible for cues not to become live on stage – perhaps instead being able to go to the que you require and then press ENTER to make it live? (Thinking of the potential hazard to bubbles if they keep snapping up/down, especially with less experienced operators).
  4. K-Nine, Thanks for the quick response! I didn't realise it'd be quite so hard to achieve this, so I take it back! Looks like I'll have to put up with the slow way Cheers once again for the reply! Stu
  5. Well it was a conference with a gig in the middle of the week (with some Mac 500 and 600s) so some flashy, moving around the room stuff was required! But I could have done a nice slow anamorphic chase to slowly change colours on set, banners, walls etc for instance had the event called for it HTH Stu
  6. Yep this is what I ended up doing.... Altho it's just quite frankly a pain in the neck when your trying to program quickly... Not sure why on earth I posted this in this part of the forum - so I can see a move comming tomorrow! sorry :oops: hehe Stu
  7. S'up I did a conference last week down in deepest darkest Devon with a Bullfrog and one thing jumped out at me as being a bit annoying! When trying to creatre chases onto Submasters (i.e. being in Submaster mode, having an empty one to dump it onto), holding down the Mem Type button did diddly squat. I was reliably informed by a friend via a frantic phone call that "oh no, you have to do it to a cue, then copy with no time (or whatever it was, forgotten now) to a Submaster". Ah. Surely it must be possible to do this in Submaster mode by a bit of a rewrite in the software? Of course, if I'm being stupid, do say and refer me to the right page in the Manual / post on this forum. I could be blind, I read the manual thru twice, but I'm pretty sure I've not missed anything! Cheers Stu
  8. Yeh tried that - doesn't work for me either - better than nothing mind! Stu
  9. Hi Just downloaded the Frog Offline Editor to have a play with, and I've got a small suggestion if I may? On the Avolites Pearl 2000/4 Editor, the buttons are zoomed when you roll over them so you can read them - would it at all be possible to zoom the buttons out on the Frog offline? Perhaps place them up in the top right corner, next to the Frog logo? I know it tells you on the Status Bar, but it does mean keeping your eye on it as you use the editor! Cheers Stu
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