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  1. Seems reasonable to me, I see what you are saying. I guess at least you can flick between attributes once you have engaged palette lock so it's not really that much of a niggle.
  2. Like the new functions, particularly the palette lock, only thing I would say is that it requires two seperate button presses to engage the palette lock which isn't always that easy if you only have one hand available. Would it not be possible to engage palette lock, by pressing the attribute select key twice and then the LED on the attribute key to flash to indicate palette lock on that attribute?
  3. Hi K-Nine, There is a Beta Test forum on this site but I believe it is only visible to registered beta testers. It only appeared on this forum for me after I become a tester.
  4. So the idea of an advanced programmer screen activated by one of the function keys is not a good one? In my mind this would be the simplest way of doing this from a users point of view.
  5. Maybe one way of doing it would be to use one of the unused function keys maybe F4 to call up another screen which is effectively a 'programmer' windows which shows you which channels are tagged in a particular attribute group. It would then be possible to use the normal navigation keys to move round this screen to tag and untag channels. The only problem with this would be translating this onto the LCD as well as the monitor. I know you guys are keen to make it possible to do everything without the monitor but maybe its time to say that advanced programming facilities like this are only possible with a monitor. I and other users here wouldn't be bothered by this (not saying that other people won't however). The only time I ever use the desk without the monitor is whilst patching it in the warehouse before it goes out. Just my humble thoughts, I'd be interested to hear other peoples take on this.
  6. It could work how the Sirius 250 & 500 used to work when recording in partial mode. i.e. Only the parameters in an attribute group which have been changed since the last memory was recorded or clear was pressed are recorded into a memory. The diffiulty I would guess would be representing these changes on the LCD screens.
  7. Just a couple of little things I noticed whilst using a Fat Frog the other night, no major new features. Firstly it would be good if the outputs screen showed the pallette that has currently been recalled on fixtures, the same as the LCD does above the wheels. However if the output screen showed it, it would mean that you wouldn't have to have the right parameter selected to see what is being recalled. Even better would be if it showed the name of the pallette if there is one, although I don't think there is enough space on the screen for this. Secondly, when you press and hold a submaster flash button whilst the monitor is on Submasters, firstly that submaster is highlighted which is fine, but then the red highlight on the submaster number flickers continuously. This is only a little niggle but I find it annoying and a little distracting.
  8. I'm having trouble trying to edit the fixture file for the Futurelight SC-780. The one that you guys wrote causes the fixture to reset everytime you Home it. I'm not complaining about that, I appreciate that it isn't possible for you guys to test every fixture file with the relevant fixture. So I thought I would pop in and edit but every time I try to load any of your .ift files, gt8_06.ift for example, using the Fixture Type Editor it tells me there is an error as there are no user fixture types in the file. Is it not possible to edit fixture files that you have written? If it is what am I missing???? I really don't want to have to start from scratch and write a new file. Thanks in advance.
  9. Not sure if it has been mentioned yet but when/if it becomes possible to adjust chase times live, would it be possible to implement a tap tempo speed adjustment as well??? Not sure what button you could use for this maybe one of the functions buttons which isn't used like F4 althought these are not ideally located from an ergonomics point of view.
  10. Doh! 8O Really should read the manual more thoroughly!
  11. Hi everyone, I realised yesterday that (unless I have missed something :? ) it is not possible to patch more than one DMX channel to a desk channel. This issue arose when I wanted to pair dimmer channels on the desk. I was unable to run the conventional fixtures from the same dimmer channel due to location and power loading. I was unable to change the DMX address on the dimmers as the dimmers we were using could only have the DMX start address set per six channels and there were fixtures on the same dimmer pack that I didn't want to be paired. We were running out of desk channels so this would of been a useful facility. I'm pretty sure it was possible to do this on the Sirius desks so I was surprised to realise that it isn't possible on the Frog range.
  12. Hi everyone, Are there any plans to produce an offline editor for the Frog Series? I found this facility very useful when I used to work in a venue which had a Sirius 250. I appreciate that all you guys and gals at Zero 88 are putting a lot of time and effort into developing the desk itself. Just wondered if it had been considered for the future.
  13. Hi Everyone, Here is something I feel should be considered in a future software update, on the surface it seems like a simple to implement feature, and with some knowledge of programming I can't imagine that it will be too difficult, however not know of the architecture of the Frog software I can't say that for certain. So here it is, I was running a show on a Frog on Saturday night (it's been a while, don't get away from the office as often as I would like these days and when I do it's often with a desk from another manufacturer though I won't metion them here!) I had 36 generic channels and 8 movers running off the desk. I was entirely busking the show live as I had never heard either of the bands before so had built some generic looks and movements for the movers and had them stored on submasters. I was also using four submasters for generic looks. I was operating the four generic looks on each page using the flash buttons on the subs. This obviously was using up one of my two hands (wouldn't it be useful to have more!). I then wanted to apply a pallette to the moving light program that was running on another sub. As it requires two hands to recall a pallette this was an issue. This wasn't always a problem as sometimes I could raise the submaster to hold the generic look and then recall the pallette. However whenever I wanted to change the generic's and say change the colour in the movers at the same time this simply wasn't possible. So here is the soloution I came up with, rather than having to hold down the attribute button and then pressing the appropriate channel flash button to recall the pallette, how about pressing the attribute select button a second time to latch it into pallette recall mode. The LED built into the attribute select button could flash to indicate this and pressing the button again could return the attribute button to normal. Hope this makes sense, I would be interested to hear if anyone agrees with this or has had a similar problem. Keep up the good work all you Zero 88 guys & gals.
  14. We have a problem with one of the DMX outputs on a Fat Frog. Output A when appears to keep dropping out every 3 or so seconds very briefly. It's not noticeable when using movers but when using dimmers it causes the lights to dip on and off. I am assuming that as it is only affecting one of the two outputs it is the opto-isolator or the driver chip (assuming that the outputs are individually driven). Is this something that we can replace easily ourselves as we could do with the desk not being away for repair for a couple of weeks. Thanks
  15. We have just invented a new desk for the frog range. It's called a Flat Frog, you can build one yourselves. Basically what you do is buy a Fat Frog then get a numb skull truck driver to reverse the tractor unit for a 40ft trailer over it and it creates you a fat frog. The desk is remarkably unbroken just very flat! It should of been flightcased but our flightcase company has a big backlog and we are still waiting for it so we had to send it out in it's cardboard box, so I guess some damage was inevitable. Pictures to follow, I was wondering if Zero 88 could create a new long of the frog with a tyre track through it for us to put on our new desk.
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