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  1. Using Software 10.4 I find if I save a position to a pallet for future use the attribute is untagged so if I immeadiatly record a cue its lost - very frustrating. Is this deliberate? Does it also happen in reverse so recording a cue then a pallet will mean I get a blank pallet?
  2. I've also spotted this - easy to get wrong if your in a hurry! When you select N (meaning Y) the screen returns to the preview screen but does not update to include the edit made unless you exit and re-enter preview - makes you think the edit has failed. Also if you press Go while in blind edit the desk runs the cue in blind edit (not the next on the cue list). I realise its in the way you choose the cue to preview but it prevents the operator continuing to run the show while doing the blind edit. Shame we didn't get a chance to Beta this before release. Live chase modifiers are great. Rds Gerry.
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