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  1. Other stuff for the keyboard: Insert Key as Insert Key on console Tab key to tab through the columns in the memory and submaster screens. Page Up and Down to page up and down through memories without moving which memory is highlighted as "Next Memory". Contorversial one, but the escape key just to take you to the memory screen with Memory 0 highlighted. A button like the Pause/ Break button or another unused one to be a shortcut into Super User. I also agree with M, S, C, B, P as their relevents for naming. Thanks, Sam[/b]
  2. Does it have moving light functionality? Sam
  3. If you had the time/ energy/ will/ patience then you could move the chase along manually with the Step button!! Just a thought!! Sam
  4. Yep as Sp has already said if you start doing that then in effect you are starting to create a simple command line interface and that is not what the frog is about at all- the sort of ethos of the frog desk is that it is all there infront of you to touch and edit. I personally wouldn't want a command line built in, if you want that look at the Frog II or Illusion series from Zero88 or ETC and Strand (300/500 series) desks! Sam
  5. That is a good idea apart from the fact- how far do wireless keyboard signals go?? Don't think up the tower the other side of the stage Sam
  6. Yeah thats what I plan to do! Stupid question- what cable do I use?? Sam (the electrical retard!)
  7. Hi guys, Sorry to drag this topic back up from the dim and distant but I have had an idea and wanted some help if possible! My idea is that you could make a very cheap and simple wired riggers remote (for the fat frog in this instance) by: Setting up 48 memories and each one just stores 1 channel. You could then make a few memories if you wished like following: ..Mem 48: Channel 48 (with loop to memory 1) Mem 49: A general state like houselights Mem 50: General Cover or other states you would want to check together. etc. etc. One the remote switches you could have button 1 a
  8. No but don't forget some dimmers give you the option of running on/ off power to things (with a trigger % set on the dimmer) specifficly designed for movers and other such fixtures! Sam
  9. Sounds like a cracking little console for back-up! Thanks for the info, Sam
  10. Is there a command line and other standard desk options like fades, chases etc. or is it purely meant as a backup console?? Also do you have a rough RRP yet?? Many thanks, Sam
  11. Sorry but I couldn't think of a worse feature to put on a desk!! My reasons: x You are putting a button on the desk that if lent on would turn every channel on!! How embarrasing in the middle of a show- flash buttons are bad enough - lol x Imagine if there was a fire, mass panic spreads among cast and audiance- the worst thing ever would be to put glaring light up and blind people temorarily! In a fire the most sensible thing to do is bring up the houselights (that if you read the ABTT guide should be on a non-dimmer channel controllable from a pannel or like where the DSM or LX Op
  12. Hi All Z88 People, So have heard about the Jester on the Blue Rooms so what exactly is it all about?? Any official word on it?? How come us loyal zero88 users and customers are last to hear about it! Sam
  13. Seconded, its a nightmare when you are forced to control something like moving light power through the dimmer (power on or off mode of course- can't think of the proper name atm!!) because there are no inderpendant type sockets available and you are controlling it through the desk, everytime the GM comes down or there is a fade its a complete nightmare because all your fixtures re-strike etc!! I had to try and plot a show like this on a pearl and it was the worst plotting session I have ever had!! Result- fly the bars in with the ML's on run a 13amp plug with 13-15-16 convertor on and plug
  14. Right I will start very simply and hopefully this will help you. For all of these instruction it will be presumed that you are using a monitor and a keyboard. It is also assumed that you are in Full Mode NOT Partial Some things you should know about DMX DMX is the protocol for controlling modern lighting equipment. DMX is run through a 5 pin XLR cable. Each universe (think of it as a line of DMX) has 512 channels available to use. The Fat Frog is capable of outputing 1 universe of DMX (or in other words 512 channels of DMX). Another important note is that the Fat Frog can be opperated
  15. Minimisation would be the key here! Please if you do make it make it so it will fit a decent sized screen Sam PS- Has FII started shipping yet?
  16. If they were having problems with pushing up the channel fadders you could just tape down the Preset A and Preset B Master faders?!? Sam
  17. A good place to ask questions of this nature (i.e. technical but non-frog related) is the Blue Room: The Blue Room is a free independent discussion forum, operated on a not-for-profit basis, aiming to help members from all areas of the production industry communicate with and advise others. Sam
  18. Don't forget although the Frog only has 1 DMX universe there are 2 outputs if you want to send one line to dimmers or demux and another to movers/ smoke machines or whatever. Sam
  19. Is this often followed by the sound of all the noise boys going- turn the duck :!: :!: g lights back on you numpties and then a hour of them having a conversation under there breaths about how inferior lamp tramps are to noise boys!! Thats what would happen if I did that!! Sam
  20. Didn't know that- ingenious (sp.??) Thats the duck- has a note all ready been made about that (i.e. has it got a frog referance number??) as an idea for future updates? What would be good is if once you have requested it, it stays there until you delete it like you would any other normal cue. Anyone think this is a good idea- bad idea?? :? Sam
  21. When you open the phantom frog up you must press the RUN button, this is like 'turning it on so to speak!'. As for accessing Super User, right click the + button then right click the - button and then left click the enter button nd your in, use your cursor keys (as you would on the desk) to navigate. HTH Sam Edit- And to answer your other question No you don't need to be online!
  22. Sorry one more question, how many master stations can be connected to 2 chilli dimmers working together?? Also how many standard wall panels are allowed?? Thanks Sam
  23. Thanks for that Paul, so how does putting channels in areas affect normal control through the desk?? Does it have any effect?? Thanks Sam
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