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  1. my bad. I'm going to follow up my own post.... It's the 16 bit fixtures that I have problems with. The 8 bit fixtures are very smooth. (when I said, 8 bit jerky, I meant, 8 bit, NOT jerkey!) I do have problems with the encoders on various frogs being not sensitive to very slow movement, and then going too fast when I go fast with them, so I attribute this movement issue to the algorithm for handeling 16 bit control channels. And, maybe I'm responding to a different issue. What I see isn't really "jerkey" (where the fixture moves a bit, stops and then moves more, say as I crossfa
  2. the new 9.2 software has a timecode setup in the desk setup menus. I've looked thru the manual to figure out how to use this, but there is no documentation. Does the board read SMTPE time code sent to the desk via the audio input jack on the back? If so, how do I display that information (say on the monitor), and how do I attach timecode information to a queue in memory so that the desk can trigger it when the time rolls by. It looks to me like the stub of a featureset thats not implememted yet, but it's something that I want on the desk. also, I'd love to have memories be able t
  3. I was programming a frog for a generic set of queues cause the board was to live in a venue. I copied a number of memories from one to the next to the next. I was then transferring those memories to the submasters (cause thats where they were going to be accessed, as they were all chases, and yes they were identical, but my plan was to modify parameters like color and gobo off the original...) As I did a transfer with time (on every desk I've used, I have to hit this key very hard to get it to "take", I'd then hit the page up or down key to get to the page to copy to, then the submast
  4. I'd like to second the jerky fixture movement. I see it on 16 bit fixtures with the desk. when I run those same fixtures with a hog, it's very smooth movement. When I run 8 bit fixtures with the desk, it's jerky again. I suspect that whats happening is that the encoders seem to have an accelleration calculation built in so that if you move the encoder wheel fast, the fixtures move more quickly. (in other words, a 1/4 inch travel at very high speed on the encoder seems to move the fixture all the way from 0-0 to 255-255. This accelleration appears to be very very touchy. This is a
  5. There are two different thoughts going on here... First, let me take the quote... a desk at this level. Um, the guys that I work for bought this desk in order to be able to go out and do a club tour with a reasonable number of instruments. In the club tour environment, there are many many things that come up that any desk ought to be able to handle. Swapping out fixtures is one of them. I've seen you refer to this sort of dialogue in other posts on here. Let me tell you what I encountered on the road. I had house people in a number of clubs tell me that (and I quote from the house
  6. the band I work for owns a fat frog. and they have maxed out the number of fixtures... By saying that you have developed new desks, ae you telling me that the processor inside can't handle additional fixtures? I can't beleive this, as the DMX protocol needs to get spit out for every channel, so it's got to be fast enough for that. are you telling me that the update for automated fixtures would slow down by processing those additional fixtures? I can't beleive that either as you already process 12 fixtures some of which can take as many as 24 dmx channels, so at that point you are hande
  7. I read that topic thread yesterday. It dissolves into chase rates and movement effects. What I thought that I had to contribute was the idea of turning on the feature in super user mode(I like the idea that advanced features can be turned on or off, but are off by default so that new uesers to the desk don't have to cope with as much information all at once, and old users of the desk can customise it so that they don't have to "deal" with all the newfangled functionality), and the use of the f3 key as a bank swap option (f3+next or previous page moves to a new bank), and the utilization of t
  8. I just read that string. He asked for the same thing I'm asking for and for much the same reasons. There is confusion over what is being asked for and a diversion over the fact that another desk didn't do it either. There is also a statement that the Frog doesn't do this, but no coherent discussion as to why not and what the merits are. Let me try again. I want to overpatch DMX channels. I want to patch dmx channel 53 to fader 6 and have that channel in use in one of the automated fixtures. I want to patch dmx channel 11 onto fader 13 and onto fader 23. I understand that this mea
  9. Live music Lighting Designer/Board Operator/Technician/Crewchief LOVE touring, Have valid Passport. Can program all manner of automation on any desk, in any size venue, and make it fit the band and the the needs of the specific show. Lived with a frog on tour in 1000 seat venues for several months. (full production bump package including 11 peices of automation, strobes, smoke, front floor trusses, floor par cans, power tie in, the works, EVERY show every day.) Currently have 1 ongoing nationally touring client, and loads of local (read unsigned) ones. Have relationships wi
  10. Allow the fixture profile to create a default palette set for (at least) color and beamshape, and then ask if you want that loaded into the palettes at the time that the fixture is assigned. This way, it may not be perfect, but at FAST shows, at least there will be something there. And yes, we know that there are too many instruments for all of them to have BLUE in position 3 of the pallete, but thats why you allow us to edit the fixture profile in the desk so that we can order that palette any way we want to match what we are doing with the other fixtures in the show. Yeah, it's some more
  11. Sometimes, there are fixtures that only you, and maybe god used (in an earlier incarnation of the universe), and so there are no profiles available for the fixture. Can we create the profile IN the desk? (superuser - create profile) When on tour, there were days when I'd run into some hunk of crap fixture in some club that I wanted to use, but couldn't get to a PC that day, and so I couldn't make a profile for the fixture. If I could have created one in the desk, that would have been really nice. John.
  12. Please oh please, can new versions of the desk have a bump button for scene A and scene B. It is after all the conventional section of the desk, and conventionals like to get bumped. They do, the really do. Then I can set up two scenes and really hammer them for hard rock instead of the fastest fade I can do that still doesn't look like a bump. Hard Rock NEEDS bumps. EVERYWHERE. John.
  13. 9 pages of presets for a band on tour is not enough. Especially when there are 19 songs in the set. I ha to divide every page in half and that left me 6 easily accessible queues for every song. Not enough. and the last song, I had to run out of memory. BLEK. Allow me to use the little dots on the LED for the page to have 1 thru 9 .1 thru .9 and maybe even a third bank. Use the F3 key for bank select (or just allow them to cycle, but turn this feature on and off in super user so that novices don't get to page .3 and wonder where there page 3 is...) Yes, I know, I still have
  14. I want very much to have a chase menu item for "always start from step one when selected". I built some VERY cool sweeps for the show I was touring, and I wanted them to run at the start of every chorus, but once I'd run it once for the song, I couldn't predict that it would start where I needed it to for the next chorus. BLEH. Then the band said "well the LAST LD could get a sweep there every time". Any time I read something in the manual that saiys that ICAN'T do something and the band sees it as career limiting, thats a BAD thing. A very bad thing. John.
  15. While using this board on a large US club tour, I encountered clubs where their equipment was far superior to mine. I wanted to run their fixtures to do my show on these days, but I could not. What I wanted to do, was to re-assign the fixture to a new fixture type, and yes, it's fair game to allow it to blow away the pallete information, but WHY of WHY do you also erase that fixture from every queue... If in queue 20, fixture 2 is aimed at pallete position 2... (and I rebuild the pallates for the new fixture 2), then allow me to keep the queue, and aim it at position 2 in queue 20...
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