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  1. Okay this is weird so I came in today and problem has corrected itself! This could be very worring!!!
  2. I have just had the worst Press night for a long time!!! I Have a Jester 24/48 which deicided to change the soft patch on channels 25 to 48. Not every channel changed but enough to cause problems. So any help would be great. I had multiple dimmer on one channel even when I went in to superuser and only one dimmer was assigned to that channel. Single dimmers moving around eg dimmer 43 was assigned to channel 43 but came up on channel 25. Or a channel would not fade any light even there was a light soft patched to that channel. No 2 different channels bring up the same dimmer. So i checked our dimmers which are betapacks annd act 6s, all with the right DMX address checked the soft patch and it was correct. I cleared the patch then programmed the soft patch again. I reloaded the show from USB stick. but i still can not get the dimmers to work on the channel assigned in the soft patch. HELP!!
  3. I am in the middle of a tech and I have a problem with set up up Aux I have a DMX controlled Hase and Smoke machine and want to run them on the Jestor. I have assigned the addresses on the machines. I am getting DMX signal to the machines. I have followed the instructions to assign an aux to channel 9 and 13. When I press shift and the channel button nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Does anyone know what happened to this link?? http://www.frogtraining.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ Its an online training program for the frog. Moderation: topics merged
  5. Did you get the software I emailed you?
  6. Yes it was a DMX addressing problem onthe fog machine. The dip switches are vertical and when I thought I was selecting a number, I was doing the opposite.
  7. Okay I'm blond of the day thought I had the dip switches in the on position when I actually had them in the off position!
  8. I have Antari Fog Machine Z1200 which is DMX controllable, one channel controls volume of smoke the manuals saids. I have written the software in fixture Editor use Dimmer to control the volume of smoke. I have DMX signal at the smoke machine but I have NO control I have checked and re-addressed the fixture. But I still Have Know control. Does Anyone have any ideas why its not working? Or even better does anyone have the software they could email me? Thanks
  9. Just so you know the it was motherboard that was short circuiting. Which was causing the problems.
  10. Well I have written two types of software for the Showtec Powerbrick so that you can either control one brick per fixture or you can control all four bricks from one fixture. Just give us a shout if you need a copy.
  11. I have a number of pieces of fixture software that I have written over the past year to put on the fat frog. I have written some new fixture software for some showtec LED power brick. when I come to load the software to the fat frog the desk does not see the new software or some of the old software. Help! Any thoughts what happening? I have software version 9.8 loaded
  12. I have just got some Showtec Powerbrick and i want to control from my fat frog has anyone written the software from the fixture editor to save me the trouble? I have checked on the fixture Library and there not on the list. Thanks.
  13. I have just reloaded 10.4 to my fat frog because of this tracking problem. I was trying to programmme a chase and 10.8 would put the last cue from the playback fade into every step of the chase. i tried moving the channel fades up and down and to zero, i made sure there was no cue or a backout cue in the playback fade and YES the playback was at zero but still the software recorded unwanted channels to my chase. The only solution was to reload 10.4. While I'm here having to tag channels when you are reprogramme submaster, WHAT A PAIN!!!!!!!!!! Give us an upgrade without tag generic channels please!!!
  14. We have a a fat frog and chilliPro that control the lighting rig. I want to run a beta pack onstage. I want to run the beta pack though the fixtures, I tried writing software with frog editor but only use dimmer once, What can i do? to create the right software?
  15. I have loaded the latests software for the fat frog software. When i am reprogramming a submaster i lose what I have recorded on the submaster and only record the live chaanels faders. why is this happening?
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