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  1. Hey guys, any way you can link a laptop running Remote / Monitor to the Frog 2 with a Ethernet cable and miss out the Wi-Fi ? Logic says yes as its still the same protocol. But when I tried it, it said disconnected and some error. Wi-Fi in my theatre is not wonderful, things seem to interfere with it, if I can take a laptop down onto stage and use the building wired network point, would save me a lot of running up and down to and fro the control room. Many Thanks Daniel
  2. D.Dar-Nell


    I can update the times on UDF ok by loading them into programmer then updating. However same thing does not seem to work for UDK. Also when changing times of UDF using load then the programmer the wheel starts acting odd after. If you go back into desk and try and get a lantern on its all in 00.000 and has a default time of what ever you just changed fade time to very odd ??? Yes I am running latest software
  3. We had a ballet company in the theatre yesterday and my Frog 2 crashed for no reason mid show. The touch screen stayed on but was non responsive. The two screens kept trying to reset with Frog logo and all. The touch screen would make a noise if touched but nothing would respond. Had to stop show put up house lights and reset desk with a full house of 500 in. Nice ! I went onto website this morning and found new software and updated from last one before. Even with that I have had desk on all day, and if it’s on for long enough it does the same thing. Turn it off and back on again and little bit later does the same thing and locks up. Please help I really can’t have that during a show again.
  4. I have the same problem as you so I have been talking to Peter about this and there working on the Bug UDK page not latching when you go to next page but UDF work fine. Daniel
  5. I bought a Protouch screen when I got the desk as I just read touch screen support on the website. However I did not read this forum till after, when I found out only 3M screens are supported. The cheapest I have found then so far is £414.13 I paid £440 for the protouch one which I am not sure how I can sell that yet. Does anyone know a cheaper price than that?
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