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  1. Make sure that you save you fixture file when you are done editing. I've done the same think to all my fixtures. Default Brightness is 0, and shutter is 255. this allows me to program quickly while controlling the dimmer for light transitions, unless you are strobing.
  2. If your laser device has a DMX addressing system, you should be able to work with it. We have an elation power spot, which has a basic type of laser, and I can do designs by moving the head with mspeed. If DMX is there, use the fixture editor tool and create you fixture library for the laser, load and go.
  3. To edit your pallete, you just tag the fixtures that you are creating a pallete for, roll your new values and click on the program pallete. It will ask you if you want to overwrite the data there, just say yes to all and click OK. You now have new value for that pallete. Cheers, Hans
  4. K-Nine ~ I'm using ver. 9.0. Also, I don't have a copy of the file here with me, but will get it tomorow night when I get back to the church and email it ot you. Sam ~ Yes, on all the masters. I have them up as they should be. This weekend, I will try to program directly into a submaster. In regards to the transfer, they are only two methods. Transfer with time and Transfer without time. I've tried both, and no sugar. Cheers, Hans
  5. What I was asking was for the filename length? ie. show01.flt -> christmas04.flp I'm sure that the show itself is limited to the 1.44MB of the floppy. From previous post, the only name convention was by renaming the file from a regular PC. Right?
  6. When I play the memory from playback X, it works fine. Does anyone know why my chase does not function by transferring it to a submaster? Thanks.
  7. That is correct. I tried both transfered with time and transfered without time. Neither worked. Also, the chase is automatic. It is also set with Gen&Fix in the default.
  8. Good day. I just created a chase with a couple fixtures; ie. I've place my five fixtures into a fix spot on stage, then they alternately turn on and off on each steps of the chase. That was done using the shutter set at 0 and 255. ; when this chase is copied from the memory to a submaster, and I move my slider up on the console, nothing happens. Can someone help me with this. The second chase that I created, I had three studio color 250 move from stage to the back wall in off mode, light turns on and the color varies. Then it travel from the back wall to the stage where the band is, stops on them. When I cary that chase from memory to a submaster, nothing happens. Ok, what am I doing wrong? Cheers, Hans
  9. What is the status with Frog Reference No 5401? Also, what is the maximum lenght of the file that can be used?
  10. Well, I was playing again last night on creating the chase, and I got it working. First, it appears that I had to set the chase modifier to the slowest speed that I could and set the C/B/P to snap. Once those two are set, you can now play with the Mspeed for the light. What I also had to do was set the MSpeed from point A to point B, and no MSpeed to bring it home. The sequence look pretty good. Thanks all for the different sugestions.
  11. hansdev


    I would say that this would be a great option. We can pre-program and have a paper copy. The printed versions could be used to train someone else, show them how some functions are done, etc... Please, how soon can this be added!!!!
  12. Looking at steps 1-8, how differently would you set the chase from the one I set up.
  13. Good morning all. Last night, I was trying to create a trick chase, and got the chase to partially do what i wanted, but the travel distance was cut short everytime. I'm using three High End Studio colors. (Dimmer is always 100%, and fixtures are all on a thruss in the ceilling) 1. All three fixtures have a dimmer=100%, shutter=0, position on floor 2. Center fixture, shutter=255, floor 3. Center fixture, shutter=255, move from floor to wall with mspeed of 213=7.2 seconds 4. Left fixture, shutter=255, on floor, center fixture Shutter=0, back to floor 5. Left fixture move to wall with Mspeed=213, shutter=255 6. Left fixture shutter=0, back to floor, Right fixture shutter=255 7. right fixture shutter=255, moves to wall with Mspeed=213 8. right fixture shutter=0, moves back to floor Now, what I have, is the center fixture turning on -> moves to wall -> turn off as left fixture turns ON on the floor -> left fixture moves to the wall -> left fixture turn off as it returns to the floor, and the right fixture turns on -> right fixture goes to the wall -> right goes off and back to the floor. The on and off sequence seems to work well, but as the fixture travel to their destinations, they turn off well before they get to their designated spot on the wall. Seems that they are all on for about 1 sec or so. The Mspeed of 213 equals to a 7.2 sec travel time. My travel will be put to about 3 seconds in the final version. Can anybody explain as to what I did wrong on this trick chase. Thanks. Cheers, Hans
  14. Thanks much all. Just trying to figure out the nity gritty of all the potential that this console has. cheers, Hans
  15. K-nine or anybody else. I'm trying to move up in skills by having some steps a little more advanced. Really, I'm trying to have the show go as smooth as I can have it. Now a couple questions, and will define them as needed between replies. 1) Can someone please explain into more complex terms, how exactly the Memory Fade Up and Fade Down Time really function? 2) How exactly the LTP fade Time is really triggered? 3) How exactly does the Memory Dwell Time really works? Also, is it for the current sequence or the following. And are the values defined in seconds or some complex mathematical function? 4) How does the Memory Trigger really works? Particularly the Auto trigger. I tried to use it, and behaved really odly. All the above questions may seem simple, but I am trying to get somewhere with them. As some replies come in, I will be able to better define exactly which direction I'm going toward. Thanks all. Cheers, Hans
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