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  1. L T

    Wheel Problems

    Hi Paul Test shows what the Thumbwheel is doing ie Only incrementing a value of 1. Checked connections - they all seem OK from what I can see. When in F.R.O.G. mode the fixtures respond to 'Auto Thumbwheel' values OK but as soon as you come out of F.RO.G. and try to use the Thumbwheel then again the value only changes by 1 eg if the Pan was at 120 when you stopped the FROG then I can only change it to 121. Any ideas - apart from reprogramming thr fixture files to use only Wheels 1 and 2. I have an LX plot/focus tomorrow (Sunday) for a show which opens next Saturday. Thanks
  2. L T

    Lock Wheels

    Is it possible to lock the wheels to prevent use during a show and if it is can you then unlock them?
  3. L T

    Wheel Problems

    The thumb wheel on a 4 day old Leap Frog has died during the LX rig for a panto could this be software or hardware? Any quick solutions? :?
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