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  1. So If I by the WYG-It module, it's just connect and play you mean. Another question then.. Do the FatFrog support AUTOFocus? If not. Is this something that is considered in the FROG2 system ?
  2. Hi, just wondering if there is anyone here that uses wysiwyg and knows how to draw 3D. Im having troubles with designing the stage. Can I import from another CAD software ? It's an easy venue, little. but it's triangular shaped
  3. How about linking the hardware-frog to wysiwyg in some sort of way.
  4. daoops

    Wheel Problems

    Just noticed a little thing under my last concert. When running fixtures on a submaster, and using the wheels to control another set of fixtures the wheels starts to work slow and hang. Is this a software thing or just lack of processing/memory thing
  5. On fixtures I have effects on the position attributes, by pressing wheel group. But these functions don't appear on the monitor, only on the LCD screen. Is it or could it be possible to get this function?
  6. daoops

    Edit home

    hmmm, this was strange. first someone says you can edit the home values on the desk, and then in the end K-nine says it is for review.. Is it possible or not ??
  7. I wasn't using the fixtures this time, and nope none of them was tagged. But yesterday I programmed using some fixtures, and all ended up wrong. On SM1 I programmed a fixture show with some really white spots on the artists which worked perfectly. But on SM2 I programmed another background show with the fixtures. And it worked fine right after I programmed the values. But under the show when I changed from SM1 to SM2 some of the fixtures wouldn't change position and the other values. hmmm, funny episode I would say. Nice cozy background, and 2 REALLY WHITE spots in the middle of the stage. WHY !!!! WHY !!!! I never had theese problems with the other softwares, but after changing to v.9.6 It has only been problems. really unstable.
  8. daoops


    How do I get ex. fader for channel 28 to be on DMX address 418 ? When I try to patch I only get the dmx numbers 1-48 up..
  9. Basic because of the simple formula. Resistance*Current=Voltage In other words.. if you need DC5V and have less resistance.. Well then the current will be higher to meet the required voltage. Then the fixture will get other inputs than it is manufactured for. Therefor.. It will work, but for how long ?? And different electronic equiptment act's different when this happened. And other will do just fine. So it isn't said that it will be damaged, but CAN be damaged.
  10. Don't the manufactors say that regular XLR (microphone) cables is not to be use as DMX ? But that is probably because of the resistance. And there is the question.. If you use a cable that has to low or high resistance, is it possible to custombuild a termination plug to suit the DMX requirements ? And normally it's only special fixtures that demands this. "We use normal microphon cables for DMX connections as we don´t want to build up a seperate DMX cable park works fine too. " It works fine but it's unstable. The dimmers may start to flicker, and you can damage fixtures like movingheads and scanners. The thing with CAT5 cables that I really like is that you can get hold of cables with 4,8, 12,16, and up to 256 pairs. So you can actually have in one cable (and it is actually not that expencive), 102 DMX512 and 170 DMX256 cables in one cable Thats what I call a multi-cable :twisted: And you can build the DMX into a patch-system, so that you are preperd for Ethernet, ChilliNet and the other new systems. You can even combine it with the sound. And all in one cable, with shielding enough for them all. And the signal won't even leak. Think this was a little off-topic now though, but...
  11. Here in norway is under half the price with Cat5 cables. And you can actually run 2 DMX cables in one shielded CAT5 cable. In other words. Lets say you are installing a concert stage. It's about 100m from FOH to the stage. And you need at least 2 DMX universes. This would have alot to say in money if you were using CAT5 vs. DMX cable
  12. How about setting up a chat function here so that people that needs help can actually chat with a person that is avaiable on the forum, instead of waiting for an answer. logging in and out all the day
  13. perhaps setting the crossfade time ?? Are you using the A/B masters to crossfade og through Submasters ?? The A/B masters is controlled by the round thing just above the faders. Try turning on this to the amount of time you wan't the crossfade to take
  14. Here is the test made from ESTA http://www.esta.org/tsp/DMXoverCat5_P2.pdf Also a link to alot of DMX512 stuff http://www.dmx512.com Moderation: DMX512 link corrected
  15. hmm, I think I actually read in the DMX512 page where they just had a test about the differense between CAT5 and DMX cable. And they found none, except the quality when using it for outdoor and traveling. For installation they actually recommended CAT5 cable.
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