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  1. Bizzarrely it now works, I was getting no response from the F2 key at all before lunch, having switched the desk back on again after lunch it now works perfectly. many thanks for your swift respons though. Gary
  2. I'm pressing F2 to name pallets and getting nothing, is it my own stupidity or am i just missing something?
  3. :? I have a F.Frog which is only two weeks old and I'm chuffed with it really - but having one or two problems. I have some MAC 250's and using shape generator I find the desk sticks when adjusting the size from say 20 to 30 in either the x or y axis. Can move the wheels, one of the fixtures - the first!- may respond but the desk doesnt, cannot raise the size. If I get out of shape generator and go back in it may work fine but sometimes its as though the desk has locked solid for two or three minutes. Seems as though the DMX output that the desk is emitting is corrupt and the LCD screen cannot
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