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  1. Hello! I have found this problem on our MAC250 Entours too. It seems to be a "bug" within the software in the mac, not the desk. It also does it when stepping between adjacent colours using palettes. We first noticed the problem when we upgraded the software in the macs. (The upgrade that slows the colour wheel down to improve reliability.) java script:emoticon('8O') Shocked Hope this helps. -Matt.
  2. Hello Froggers! 8O Just wondering if its possible to slowly fade to a position or change the colour (or any LTP parameter) on moving lights by fading the submaster manually rather than having to guess how fast I want the movers to change and transfer with time. If its not possible, is it likely to be implemented in future software upgrades? Many thanks and congratulations to all at Zero88 for creating such a great desk with fantastic after sales support.
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