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  1. yes, the abstract use 1. gnd 2. +data 3. -data how a audio signal..
  2. Yes!!! But if I have two different fade in times? :?: Thank you
  3. severino


    HI Everybody!! Is it possible to change scene via SMPTE? How? Which is the SMPTE input? Thank you... Have a nice day...
  4. Hi everyone!!! It is possible to transfer two memories into one and only submaster? I have a scene with four spot, and another one scene with four wash.. I want put the two scene into one submaster, instead of to up two submaster. This submasters are into two different pages and I lost too much time... Thank you!!! I'm waiting the frog2...
  5. Hi everybody. I have an idea for the creator of Frog family... Why don't you make a new graphic for the software... The colour in my screen are so... so... so.... bad!!! The graphic of the sirius-illusion is very beautiful... And a cueline editor for the frog will be fantastic... Or a 3-D editor.. Good luck.... www.etabeta-el.it
  6. Is it possible to include two different LTP fade times in the same scene? Eg. One scanner moves slowly and the other one moves faster. Thank you.. :?
  7. severino


    Is it possible to create a chase with the scenes I have already programmed? How can I do it? :roll:
  8. How can I modify a scene while another one is output? I have moved my scenes on the submaster's fader and I want to modify the next scene without affect the output.. I press the edit button but the scene I want to modify is getting out.. :twisted:
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