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  1. Calder

    A Bug ?

    I have noticed the same problem with my fat frog. Calder
  2. Perhaps something similair to the event 408, by pressing the flash button on the sub the chase is assigned to. Once the flash button is pressed the speed knob could then be used to speed the chase up and down. The chase would remain at this updated speed until you return the knob to the middle. Calder
  3. Hi there. I have recently bought a fat frog and have found some frustrating problems when using it for live gigs. firstly is the fact you have to program a chase with a gobo and colour in it. If you don't the chase starts in open white. A way to fix this might be to in the chase window when you are selecting either fade or snap a n/a is also an option this would allow you to program a movement only chase. secondly is a way to speed up a chase that is already running, would it be possible to perhaps hold the flash button for that sub and using the chase speed in the effects section speed it up or slow it down. Thats it for now thanks for your time. Calder
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